Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nostalgia Trip The Secret of Monkey Island

Intro Screen
(8/20/2016)---- One of the games that marked many of us during childhood was the games with the SCUMM engine. We all know remember Maniac Mansion to Indiana Jones, Sam and Max, Loom & Grim Fandango just to name a few. The games not only marked a generation of future developers but also gamer's from the decade of the 1980's and the begin of the 1990's.

During those decades, the idea of high-end games with fully functional 3D graphics were strange concept that didn't showed up almost until the mid of the 1990's. Technically the first game being released in 3D was 3D Monster Maze by Malcolm Evans (Barton, 2006) in the 1980's which by today standard's the game seems to be archaic but also we have to consider the moment this game appeared the industry was on is diapers and it was one of the many that created a revolution. Slowly during the decade, Lucas Art started to develop games and created immersive story-lines for the players as well including a dose of humor.

The Docks of Melee Island
Many decades passed, entertaining technology developed but nostalgia itself it always been a factor towards the selling point on the gaming industry as well the hobby and collectors niches.

On 2009 LucasArt released an updated version of The Secret of Monkey Island (LucasArt 2009) in which an update version of the graphics as well sound was present within the game, even a new interface in which a mouse/keyboard interactive menu became the main interface to let the players interact with the map.

SCUMM Menu - Classical Version
The new update itself was actually quite decent, nothing spectacular albeit the recreations of the dialogues with voice actors gave a very sitcom-esque enviroment but the appeal that the 1980's version gave the players couldn't be measured with the remastered version. Albeit within the game an aspect that was marvelous done was the synchronization of the new version versus the old version of the game in which it offered certain enchantment because of the game looks with the story and how the game also reflected the trends of amusement of the decade.

Talking about the Secret of Monkey Island (Lucas Art, 1980) as a game that influenced solely by the looks it would be unstained as the game was one of the first ones of is kind to involve a good script, lovable characters and a intuitive game-play but the problem was on the sequence of the puzzles as some of them look ridicule. I.e. The Curse of Monkey Island almost entire game play; but games as these ones were the ones with little they had gave new elements to the gamer's and developers community that mostly today are found towards indie-developers.

The Voodoo Lady
I have to confess after a series of unfortunate events in my life; I stopped playing for a while and essentially I forgot my Steam account that I had since 2009 as much of my physical copies of the games where lost including Monkey Island series that I used to own fully; but finding the remastered versions and playing the games with the classical views gave a me a reason to smile.

I had never been a huge fan of the idea of nostalgia, because it involves a time where things weren't simpler or happier we probably were too ignorant to notice but there are somethings that we had used to escape reality; for some is to cling on the idea that times of the past were better and for others like me video games and the saga of Guybrush gave a form to escape some of the times I wouldn't want to remember.



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