Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lets Talk About Racism, and why to Fear the Trump Movement

There won't be a separation of church and State; there will be hate and there will be the lost of every single right if the far right reach, it doesn't matter if is unconstitutional as if the far-right within the extreme towards the Evangelical current reach every single power in the government. It will be the moment that we as a society we will collapse due the Theocratic and Totalitarism influence that one man placed on the rhetoric on the people he moved.

Is mere fascism if we want to place it in another perspective, mere simple words; hidden behind a demagogue speech about nationalism that is only filled with hate and sorrow for whoever is not white, straight, a man and Protestant. 

This is not being about anti-Establishment, this is about people who can't see beyond the figure of a celebrity that is a racist, homophobic and xenophobic individual that is shielding behind his popularity, an image of mere ratings rather than being an actual leader.

The idea of bringing hate across the Muslims and Hispanics populations in America is not new, in fact blaming anyone who is not from the majority of the group party has been probably around since the very foundation of the country, i.e. Aborigines, Irish, Mexicans, Africa-Americans, people from different countries of East Asia and the list goes and goes, up to the point that the latest group becoming a victim of this hatred are the different Muslim populations across the United State.

Under the ideal of these people, there is no constitution (mostly because they want to adapt it to their own xenophobic ideals). Such as the video below  with Scottie Nell Hughes who openly showed a racist side towards Vice-President nominee Tim Kaine in which she not only mocked his Spanish but also in a not subtle way she also mocked the Hispanic and Latino's. Does she even know that there is no national language? Otherwise the aboriginal tribes would be punished (in contemporary times) and we will lose the multi-culturalism that encompass our society.

Why do I fear the Trump movement? The answer is simple, they want to set back history to the era  of Leave it to Beaver, in which if you were a minority, if you were black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT and even a woman. Because, the only people who could have a voice outside where white, straight men. The chances to hear an apologize from Scottie are none, someone as much as Trump who are full of themselves into admitting their wrong doings. I fear that the words will be taken beyond actions and discrimination will be legalized if you don't fit on the "traditional" or "family" sense of values that these group of people is pushing on their own agenda.