Monday, July 25, 2016

An American Dream and the Importance of Voting

We are the people, for the people. We are dreamers, students, people who came here with a dream and goals. We left a life behind a life in order to achieve what we didn't had, or to escape from a life that we couldn't avoid. 

We are different but we are equal, we are part of a multicultural society; we can stride for greatness in a land that has given the opportunity to so many people on different lifetimes because we are a group of hardworking individuals who come from different backgrounds and nationalities.

We came here with goals, we started to work in our future and the future for our children and families; we started to grow as people and groups and we became part of this fantastic society, we became Americans over the years but we never forgot our culture, where we came from and where we are going to. The American Dream can sound as a very distant concept but to people who we came here in search for a better life, we had never forgotten that this is The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and we hope the people who are born here will never forget that either.

There are goals that form part of a democracy, in which we all can fight for it, there is a process in which we can create a momentum that can change the social and fiscal panorama forever; we can't forget our history, we can't hate the neighbor because they are different the way you look. We can't go backwards by justifying hate and by gossip, we can't fear the future as we need to create it. Life isn’t easy and there are obstacles, but those obstacles can be conquered.

For immigrants, for the LGBTQ, for women, for people of color, for anyone who struggles to live with dignity and respect. The dream never dies, the dream still there and for the people who have the right and privilege to vote, that is a treasure they must keep and a right they need to execute. Many people can't vote because they don't have the legality, many people can't vote because of their immigration status, many people will refuse to vote because their candidate didn't make it and think they can create a form of protest.

Voting counts, not voting is not a protest is to surrender as Senator Keith Ellison mentioned on the 2016 DNC. Voting is a must and we need to think on how so many people can't even go and let their rights be validated and to think that Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the Republicans are focused into discriminating anyone who wants to make their legal status just legal, they want to discriminate against any minorities or ethnic/ cultural groups, it is wrong and we can let our voice heard as that is not the American Dream, that is just a nightmare.

We can't vote for the status-quo, we can't let time to go back, we need to see forward. We can't believe this country is not great, we can't let Trump triumph over hatred and let us believe this country is wrong and that we should make it great again. There is nothing to make great again, there is hard work to be done towards social and economic justice; we are a great country and we are a great group of people.

We can't let hate win, we need to keep progressing towards equality, women's rights and financial equality; child development, fair economical trade, free market, citizens of the world who want to live at peace, children's right; LGBTQ; we can't let discrimination win, because the American Dream is not only from the immigrants but is a dream set with goals the we all as a society we need to construct.