Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No More Closets but Equality as all are Humans and we will share the Same Soil when we Die

Boise, Idaho Statehouse
(6/8/2016) --- It is Pride Month, and is also another year. Little by little we as a society had progressed and the world is evolving also. Never in my lifetime I imagine that marriage equality would pass, that the first African-American President will go through and be re-elected - that I was able to vote for him, only once, but it was meaningful as I had to wait almost 7 years to vote again -, 

The importance of freedom is you can live your life in an honest way by respecting the margin of the law and there will be consequences (but that is a rule in life); but also no one deserves to be punished or shunned for living their own life the way they are.

There should be more understanding and acceptance towards parents as well legal guardians, that not everyone is straight and won't fit in the hetero normative. There should be more tolerance from parents into not shunning their children for saying it "disrespects their religious beliefs" or "what would our friends would think about you?" Parents shouldn't even care what their social groups would think, people can go an eat shit if they disrespect someone you call family.

Another problem is that within the Republican Party or better say the Tea Party majority (with some hints of the Constitution Party as there are plenty of relations to different conservative denominations), are focused on denying the rights of the LGBT's as well several conservative sectors which had implemented a war against transgender individuals and their uses of public facilities, by calling them rapists to anything imaginable. To think that within the next election cycle all these rights that we had earned over the decades can be taken away is something that we as a community we cannot allow to become third rate citizens.

As with families, companies shouldn't discriminate to their employees based on sexual and gender identities. It is a common scenario that makes many people quit their jobs because of the harassment from co-workers and managers. I am not adding any links or statistics because you will be able to find them really easy on Google or any other search engine; and I am just in the need to ventilate at this moment.

Even with all these big victories over the last year, yet the idea of losing everything doesn't seem strange because of the division on the voters and how they are not seeing the further extent of the panorama which a schism can bring. That's why I say "no more closets, but equality as all are humans and we will share the same soil when we die"