Monday, June 20, 2016

Gaming Theory How Cia Could Had Manipulated Time in Order to Get Link

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(6/15/2016) --- Wouldn't be awesome if there's a spin-off of The Legend of Zelda that would span different titles? But without suffering the same effect as Final Fantasy, as the so many titles and sequels it have by 2016.

The wonderful solution is already here and the games are in the market, Hyrule Warriors and the 3DS port are such a fantastic set of games with an unique perspective into the mythos of Hyrule, and how time travel has influenced the different time-lines (We are going to talk how time manipulation as an unifying theory on the next entry)

The Hyrule Warriors has a potential to be exploited without turning into tropes or cliches, about that the ultimate end is to kill all the monsters in order to achieve the highest score per scenario. What is fantastic about the game is that brings' characters from different timelines into one scenario, in which it gives an explanation how Ganondorf powers function towards his resurrection; but also it needs to be expanded how Link or whoever broke Ganondorf in four pieces was able to do it.

The mechanics of the game could simply put to rest several theories on how the different timelines converge together, how time as an element in the narrative plays an important part in the development of the different incarnations of the Hero.

Why time as an element is such an important aspect of not only Hyrule Warriors but also Hyrule Fantasy? The answer is simple, the character Cia is the embodiment of the Goddess of Time; she is there as time flows, she is a guardian and can't interfere with the lives of the people, but she gained emotions and those emotions where used by Ganondorf in order to achieve his resurrection.

In a principle of uncertainty, Cia and Lana could be one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse of Hyrule by simple analysis that she and her as one being well given the task of guarding the balance of the Triforce (Zeldawiki- Cia) and the Triforce itself being the most powerful artifact of the universe as well the different timelines make Cia/Lana a force similar as Hylia and the Three Goddesses.

The two of them been one being gives an idea of how powerful they/her is if they were fused as one. Cia's offensive skills mixed with Lana's give someone as powerful as Zelda herself. Imagine how much the two are similar as Zelda, Lana can conjure gates and barriers - similar as the ones on Skyward Sword, Cia can manipulate elements which also Zelda in the game is capable of by being the reincarnation of a Goddess.

Now that it was mentioned; Lana, Zelda and Cia all of the three share similar characteristics and all of them share a connection with the Gate of Souls or the Gate of Time as is widely known. Zelda had used a similar ability to tap into time in Ocarina of Time and Lana (Cia could use it as they are the same being split into two) use the move in order to bring enemies from different eras whith her Gate of Soul skill.

It leaves a theory to interpretation on how Lana/Cia are connected to the Hyrule Royal Family of the different era's and if any of the Zelda is aware of the existence of the entity that protects the Triforce as well time itself. Hyrule Warriors could be easily be incorporated into the main chronology as expanded explanation of the Imprisoning War (Zelda.Wikia - Imprisoning War).

Overall, there is one element as is just a theory "What if Cia as a power that be would be the main cause on the divergence of the timeline? and has assisted Link into his resurrection over centuries but also has become the cause on why Zelda and Ganondorf are also chained to the cycle of reincarnation".

Let's explain the theory, Cia and Lana are atemporal beings, guardians of the Triforce as well guardians of the Time Gates. Assuming that in a canon-event Cia as well Lana exist also; maybe, Cia as one being who hasn't split in half has watched and keep watching Link, the heroic hero dying over and over, she as a power that can influence the events break her role as a guardian. She is bounded by the blood of Hylia who becomes the matriarch of the Hyrule Royal Family.

Being bounded by Hylia and existing outside the timelines, Cia could had developed some emotions towards her role and created an idyllic scenario but never felt tempted to pursue anything directly. As the Royal Family main weapon is not the Triforce itself but rather the use of time, we need to analyze that the Ocarina (Zelda Wiki - Ocarina) is probably the most important tool in the games as it let the users who have magic potential to travel around time but only those with the blood of the Goddess are able to achieve the impossible such as Zelda on Ocarina sending Link back to relief his childhood and creating a paradox.

A paradox that Cia took advantage, but the point we have to look is probably when her heart started to get corrupted and probably her mind was taken over and that was after the events of A Link to the Past where the already corrupted Ganondorf transformed into Ganon and was defeated by the first Link of the Downfall period. After the events, the essence of the demon wasn't fully vanquished and took his own power to access the atemporal space, the nexus of all reality that is connected to the Triforce and beyond, the place that is known as the Temple of Souls (Zelda.Wikia -Temple of Souls).

Temple of Souls
There he took over Cia's emotion and manipulated her to use the Triforce to not only recover his soul fragment but also to alter history at his own benefit. Knowing Cia's weakness, he just exploited it and granted her more power, not only to ensure his survival but also to let him be present on almost every single timeline and thus making him an eternal being.

Cia saw the opportunity to escape her duties but also from the corruption her good side emerged and tried to be free but on a subconcious level she was still attracted to Link albeit not on an obsessive level as her evil counterpart. In a certain way Cia got Link but she got more than that, she got some of her freedom and the ability to see the world beyond her boundaries.

King Dodongo
The game itself looks similar as Dynasty Warriors (Wikipedia - Dynasty Warriors) as it follows a tactical approach of different fractions in order to achieve conquest but there are hints of Super Smash Brothers, the reason is that if gather different characters of one franchise and set them to fight for survival in a common scenario.

As an idea the game has worked and could be expanded a little bit further than one port and one stand alone game but also some elements such as Cia/Lana could be added into the main story and tell more about what is Hyrule and the legends of the lands.

Thank you  for reading me.