Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why Critical Thinking Is Important about Organic Food

(5/31/2016) --- Hello everyone, lately after a conversation with a co-worker, it made realize that critical thinking is an important tool towards the personal development of an individual but also towards the improvement of a society. Why I am saying this? The answer is simple because we as social animals we tend to follow the leaders of opinion - sometimes they are assholes, - and we tend to be prey of marketing campaigns that involve pseudo-science shit.

To give you an idea, let's talk about the difference between "organic" vs. "conventional",  just the fucking label and how much the invasive practices (1) and how people believe "organic" is pesticide free. 

Those are just mere ideas implemented by how the products are sold, and how there has been a smear campaign against biotechnology and educators such as Kevin Folta who has spoken towards the safety implemented within the food industry, but it's easy to assume people believe easier individuals such as Vani Hari or Mike Adams or Mercola. People will be believe towards the latest one because they are flashy and the message they spread is easy to digest by the general public who will believe any fear.

My co-worker is on that level; he believes chem-trails, chemicals are bad (while everything is a chemical and a we are the compound of molecular composition), vaccines cause autism (in case you want to see something cool please check this (2) and give it a like also) voting is a waste of time, marijuana cures cancer (even if there aren't enough clinical studies), we are all made of vibrations and light and you can name it, you can name whatever woo is there he believes it; even that "organic" is better.

Why we need critical thinking and formal logic? Because they are basic tools of reasoning to discern what is a blatant lie from what is an actual source. The people would be able to know what is beyond a mere marketing pitch and what is beyond the lies told by people such as Vani Hari and her intentions to position herself as a brand, even when by reading the ingredients and Googling them (as she mentioned several times, when talking about "filthy" ingredients or food and exposing a truth that is just a partial one into making people fear food.

There is no reason to fear food, there is plenty of reason to start taking down all those myths found in the Internet about vaccinations, biotechnology and human science. Why? because without any education or resource that can show the people the way to distinguish reality from fiction... let's say we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes from the past and stop these trends.


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