Monday, May 30, 2016

The Legal Industry Ready to Cash In as Florida Voters Consider the Medical Uses of Marijuana

(5/30/2016) --- As it was mentioned on the Tampa Bay Times, edition of May 11 of 2016 (1) the
support of marijuana towards medical and developmental uses, could open a debate as well a market of research, economical boom and changes in the national legislature of the use of marijuana for medical resources. 

The fact goes that Florida being the third most populated State and probably the most iconographic "gate" where drug controls are harsher than almost any other State, but on the pop culture it also became popular during the 80's serials such as Miami Vice, Golden Girls, Scar Face just to name a few; where the problematic of different kinds of hallucinogenics was shown in a more lighter approach.

The problem with the 80's goes that it took the peak of the War Against Drugs (2) as how the Reagans influenced the international panorama with their campaign of Just say No (3) but also on a negative light with the LGBT community and how the AIDS was only a problem of the LGBT's but no within the "straight"(4). Albeit this will be an entry that will take on another occasion.

On the second week of May of 2016; at Kissimmee - Florida, a group of 3,000 members of the pro-legalization as well businessmen gathered for the bi-annual for the Marijuana Business Conference to analyze the possibilities of the market in Florida opening after the elections, in which the legalization of medical cannabis could lead for potential cash for companies looking for innovative ways to produce the drug for massive patient base for researchers (5).
The conference took place on the Gaylord Palm Resort and Convention Center (6) which paraphernalia, childproof packages even insurance to the potential niche market that is found in the grounds of the Sunshine State. If the constituents vote in favor it will make Florida the second largest State marijuana market in the country but also it would need to that laws and regulation on a State-wide should need to change.

Floridians will vote this November on the expansion of the medical cannabis to include patients with the sympotamologies of cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (7) 

The anticipation in which Democrats and Millenials, who poll more support of the initiative led by lawyer John Morgan (8) from the buffet Morgan & Morgan; which he hopes that the supporters will realize that the legalization hasn't passed in Tallahassee but there is opposition coming from the Republican party in which there is an effort to raise as much as US$10 million in order to kill the amendment by the time of the elections.

Marijuana Business Daily (9) estimates that there will be as much as US$4.3 billion in retail sales of the drug this year, and it could double by 2019 if key states as Ohio and Florida legalize the initiatives of marijuana as medicinal tool. At this moment the only type of Cannabis that is legal in Florida is low doses in THC and the use is destined for children with cancer symptoms and severe epilepsy; but at the end of 2016 a law will go in effect will allow terminally ill patients to use strains of marijuana to alleviate symptoms.


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