Sunday, May 22, 2016

Super Mario Maker Probability Logic

Super Mario Maker Cover
(5/202015) --- Hello everyone, I want to play a game. To be honest I rather play a series of games using Super Mario Maker and using probabilistic reasoning and evidential reasoning. The reason behind this criteria is to use the principle of uncertainty (Ruspini, 1990) within playing video games especially one as Mario Maker is that under the epistemology sense of probability the players are ruled by a probability of necessities.

The game I want to play is quite simple, you can add me on the Mario Maker, my user name is Gus Calvo and we can learn about logic towards the semiotic approach. One of the reason even if is not fully grasped by some on the creation of the level, there is a momentum of interpretation at the moment of creation due the use of propositional attitudes (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2006).

Only the creator has the knowledge on how the level will go through as well the attitude - such as knowing where the traps are, as Bob-ombs or the location of the hidden blocks- there is an incorporation of two possibilities one that go with the attitude and those who aren't compatible with.

Let's just summarize the idea into a simple axiom " Mario knows he can jump over Bowser" / "Mario will be defeated by the Hammer Bro as the weapons trajectory will hit him before reaching the goal". There is a probability of a probability into what to do with a scenario as this one? It  is difficult to think how to achieve the possible intervals by analyzing the process and evidence.

The problem by analyzing the evidence is the interference of emotions, and no rational evidence is taken in consideration or measured to know the possibility or the answer to the argument. In essence the game is to let the players and creators decide based on their perception models of the reality that Mario is in, None of the experiences will be the same and it will give different decisions to take.

There is always the idea of having probability as a degree of belief which are linked to the behavior of the person that is playing, but also the idea can be applied in real life in which as individuals we are linked to make any decisions based on our own learning experience, but also we will be interacting towards arbitrary values which those are common on the Super Mario Maker game.

Lets take a look on the previous graphic (M=B) itself present an epistemology problem "How to defeat the Bowser chimera?" It has a variety of options in which without too much effort the player could jump of face it, face to face. There will be a number of arbitrary values towards if the player can defeat or lost to Bowser. The same example can be used on different levels, how to expect the unexpected and as if the levels are too clutter with too much obstacles.

Random Level found in Google
The principle of uncertainty is the main force to moves Mario Maker, facing the unexpected as users will create levels that are far from the mainstream gaming. Leap into the unknown and face the unexpected just by letting your creativity flow by exploring the realm of multiple choices and multiple decisions that can change the course of your "life" in less than a second.  


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