Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why I am Against Homeopathy and Natural Cures

(2/21/2016) --- Medicine as well biotechonology has evolved a lot in the last 100 years, yet people tend to believe any form of bullshit that offers easy solutions on the Internet, people tend to believe any macro-image that can relate to their form of thoughts as well any discourse from any charismatic person offering snake oils.

The most disgusting aspect of this denial for me goes on the illustrated ignorance into spurring non existence effects about vaccines and biotechnology, one example is vaccine hurt and another is vaccine shedding, the ultimate case these people argue is the harm that vaccines cause and that is quite and complete bullshit as there are no fundamentals on their speech, not to mention that those myths had been debunked over time since 1998.

The verbal diarrhea by Naturopaths, Chiro's and in general to people who enjoy and follow blindly these quacks, goes so deep that they are convinced on their logic that their Big Pharma is bad because is a business but their Chiro US$300 "natural supplement" is not to make a profit. A chiropractor would be the first one to see how to make a business exploiting the ignorance of someone (I am talking to you Billy DeMoss), and within the use of social media they can sell that idea to anyone.

Rejecting medicine in favor of a natural cure or treatment is a death sentence, you are not going to control schizophrenia by taking a herbal tea, or you will make any certain type of cancer to fade away by just having an align within your spine or going full organics.

Of course if we analyze the molecular composition everything is "natural" at the end but then "natural" as an isolated term is just a term that has no meaning and saying that natural comes from nature to justify your fallacy and unfounded fears into science shows your ignorance, by relying your knowledge into any "guru" that are found online offering easy solutions to problems that have more complex process of finding an answer.