Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Donald Trump and Hugo Chavez, Two Faces of the Same Populist Coin

Two Faces of the Same Coin
(2/3/2016) --- Every time I see on the television the image of Donald Trump I can't stop thinking the similarities these man has with the former and deceseaded President for Life of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias.

The similarities between Donald and Hugo are quite remarkable and not exactly on a positive light. Both have some egomaniac tendencies in which they believe they are above the law as well that they are the bests on their own respective fields; beyond that one amazing similarity is that both bragged about their military services while in reality non of them really served beyond being failed students on the military academies they attended.

Military Academy of Venezuela
With Hugo his probably biggest achievement and yet he was a failure was to become a counterinsurgency officer in an already defunct Marxist-Leninist group which for being against the dominant party and conspiracy lend a stay in jail several times.

Eventually Hugo formed the ELPV or Ejercito de Liberacion del Pueblo de Venezuela which became the majority political party. At the moment when Hugo rose to the power he became a some sort of charismatic leader in which up today, 3 years after his death.

During his reign he became the center of international jokes around South America because of his lack of knowledge on anything; he would said any strange comments out of place such as the ones exposed on this website (Hugo Chavez Quotes) and much of them could be heard on his television show Alo Presidente. The television show was mostly seen as a propaganda tool by the Chavistas in order to position the image of the party; making Hugo mostly of a pop culture figure on Venezuela due his incursion on the audiovisual media.

You are Fired1
On the other side of the spectrum we had Donald who had been in the public imagery as far as almost anyone can remember, making appearences such as shows as The Nanny, The Fresh Prince and even having his own roast at Comedy Central. Not only that he has appeared on television as well being nominated twice for an Emmy but also he had licensed his brand making his exposition bigger but not always positive (Donald Trump, Wikipeida, 2016).

Besides both media personalities, they also had spilled a lot of racist tirades on different times of history such as Donald Trump proposing a model to discriminate against Muslims and Mexicans that is vaguely similar to the Japanese Interment Camps on World War 2 (Scott, 2016) Chavez tirades went mostly against North Americans without any specific targeting as well Colombians.

Chavez relations with Colombia became extremely tense during his lifetime that even after his demise, the idea of Colombian being "evil" around the right wing and the idea of a fair treatment can be a difficult scenario in a country where being Colombian is as equal as being a Muslim in the United States while surrounded by rednecks.

One creepy aspect that I found within Donald recent remarks about "Shooting someone and not losing any voters" is something that already happened in Venezuela; the only exception is that Trump hasn't reached the power yet in order to shot the opposition (NPR, 2016)

That same situation has spreading around the United States but the populist wave took over 15 years in order to arrive to the country, due mostly the influence on the social media to achieve and conquer information around the globe. It was inevitable that a similar phenomenon wouldn't happened in the United States mostly because of the rise of the Tea Party as a grassroots movement that aimed towards moving the middle uneducated masses in order to achieve power.

Albeit the idea has been dormant within correlation on the practice, there is always a possibility that the silence majority would vote go on the streets as the Chavistas did on the very beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution and help position a megalomaniac on the White House, then the United States won't be very different from the countries that many conservative citizens critique that we are reaching a similar status but we aren't even there.


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