Monday, February 1, 2016

Caleb Hyles, Youtuber with a Fantastic Voice

Caleb Hyles Cover 
(2/1/2016) --- His name is Caleb Hyles and I have to confess I stumbled up on his Youtube by mere accident, it was the cover of Defying Gravity that got my full attention (you will be able to see the cover on the bottom of the entry).

As my interest grew up I started to watch much of his other videos and in between a weekend I had listened to his entire channel; where he covered songs from Fall Out Boy, Disney, Broadway and several different genres.

His voice hits the tenor range which adds a dramatic and theatrical overtone to his videos; he is also a really great impressionist and voice actor in which some of his Disney videos he sings on different tones varying from Simba to Alladin and is just fantastic and fresh to see a musician enjoying what he likes to do within every piece he creates.

Caleb also has a Patreon in which fans can support their favorite independent artists through the use of monthly contributions or per product that is uploaded. Please enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to Caleb.