Thursday, January 14, 2016

#IwasBannedByFoodBabe @thefoodbabe

(1/15/2016) Tampa, FL --- Dear Food Babe and #FoodBabeArmy (I highly doubt any of you could be a soldier) but is cute to think that a decentralized group of people who have the first world problems clich├ęs could execute a change knowing the legal parameters without relying on your "Dear Leader".

Well, my existential doubt started when I was wondering where everybody who believe in science and critical thinking were? After taking an unorthodox approach I went and ask you a few questions, which eventually I got banned around a month later without getting any answers? After a mere causality of destiny (Albeit I do not believe in destiny but Hitsuzen) I found GMOLOL.

The events unfolded OK, but by a mere act of randomness, someone whose name is anonymous, that person invited me to join Banned by Food Babe. The same group composed of 9,000+ people who you had banned one by one; or as we like to call it “The Banhammer ®”. You said, we do not exist as a group of people who met through an organic web search? Think twice, we all met when we wanted to know where everyone else was.

Yet, after explaining all this you and your followers will keep thinking on the “Shill Paradigm” that you don’t even believe it in yourself. Is not a lost battle because several members of the banned ones had risen into prominence such as The Science Babe, Kavin Senapathy and Professor Kevin Folta, just to mention a few names. Still you believe that all of us we are part of a public relation roulette spin to smear your name, and again you are more than wrong.

You firmly believe by not engaging into debate and blocking your critics will make everything go away, while several people are creating spaces for debunking every single one of your claims. People are reacting that the world is not full of magic and “octaves of the sun”; they are reacting that the world is complex, is more than a fad diet; that the cosmos is a chaotic-violent place but wonderful to watch when the sky is clear.

And you Vani, you are there immersing in your own world where food is the enemy, where deli meat is poison, where you are giving a negative image to young people who look at you, where you shame anyone who is bigger than you, who can’t buy your expensive and useless products; where you call a shill anyone who dares to defy you even when you had shown signs that you are doing all these ridicule scenarios just for the money.

We all knew each other thank to you, we all are from across the globe; some of us we have different disciplines, I had studied journalism and right now I am studying marketing with a concentration on digital advertising, and a minor on graphic design. I have a job from 9-5, while I go to school and I am always open for debate. I am willing based on evidence and experience to alter my views in order to achieve an upgrade on my learning.

If someone is reading this, if you think you are alone among the pseudoscientific people, you are not alone, there are friends on Twitter and Facebook waiting for you at Banned By the Food Babe on Twitter and Facebook, and if you recently became banned by The Food Babe please Tweet #IwasBannedbyFoodBabe and tag her on your post.