Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#dontcrywolfe @DavidWolfe

(1/27/2016) --- Seriously, who can take seriously a guy who uses in his moniker "Avocado" as a nickname but he as a businessman he can be quite savvy as he applies an appeal to emotions as well bait and switch clicks in order to attract followers.

Many of you probably by now know who is this snakeoil salesman is; many of you probably at certain time of your time online had seen his use of memes that invoke emotions such as happiness or feel-good by saying something good but vague as - The grass is greener on the other side- and let people just comment openly (that is they don't argue against his logic) about the meme; after he gets new fans then he switch to promote any of his products and his philosophy that foods are the only thing you need and no use of medicines at all.

Probably that is not only the most erratic thing he can do, there are videos of him that people pay attention to him as if he was some kind of religious figure as well a "wise-man" who knows every aspect of science and arts, a "renaissance man" but his speech about chocolate and mushrooms leave a lot to say:

This is the man that many people share memes, that see him as a prophet or as a very happy person. In reality  he is just a mere charlatan who spills non-sense and people enjoy him. Seriously, who can take seriously a person who says that chocolate lines up planetary with the sun? I do not get it.