Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ammon Bundy and The Terrorist Group He Called Patriots

Ammon Bundy
(1/27/2016) --- He is not a hero or a protester, he is a traitor as well the people from the rump militias he has formed and had become participant of. There are methods to counter protest the government that are legal and under the law statutes; but militias aren't and they aren't sheltered by the constitution.

The main problem on a long term with the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is that the belligerent actions of these people will only reaffirm that extremist behaviors are OK when there are no legal dangers coming towards federalism. They are just perpetuating the stereotypes of invisible enemies as well creating martyrs for the extreme ring wings on the political spectrum.

There is no difference between these "patriots" and the FARC, ELN, MIR, Ejercito del Pueblo Paraguayo, Contras just to name a few. The most horrid aspect of this situation would be that the militias are seeking political power, which in a far-fetched scenario is not far away from the reality because of the association these people have with the current militant Tea Party and their hatred towards the rest of the world.

There is no need to get alarmed by the idea of "big government" as if  the government reduce in size within the powers there won't be an equal exercise of powers, and it will centralize the powers within the predominant party that rules the government within each electoral term. The association between Ammon and his militias are no different between the acts of any other crazy man who had been called by a "spiritual call" indoctrinated by religion in order to fight a certain "evil". (Simon, 2016)

They aren't "patriots" they are just insurrection moved by a religious doctrine that is not part of Mormonism but rather a separatist extremist branch in which all this violent action was moved by God himself instead of knowledgeable individuals who don't have to resort into appeal to emotion and play with the imagery - Where a group of cowboys moved by their doctrine and their own economical interests while fighting against a tyranny that is not there -

Bundy and his patriots are no different from the Davidan Ranch in Waco - Texas back in 1993 as well much of the intentions David Koresh had over the time of his short life frame. Where there were shootings in Mount Carmel in 1987 as well the shot down in 1993 which let the ranch burn down to the ashes killing 79 people and himself all because they saw "visions of God and how the government was being the enemy."

A problem with these people is that they receive national exposure plus access to technologies that weren't available in the early 1990 and their message to reach more people. If in those days the Davidians and even so Heaven's Gate had more power beyond the limited servers of Geocities and Yahoo, if they had social media on their disposition they probably could had generated a negative impact on a mass level towards attracting people to their apocalyptic causes.


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