Friday, December 11, 2015

When The Holidays are Here, what I Want for These Holidays

(Tampa, Fl) --- There is nothing I want for myself these holiday season, at least nothing material
. Not many people these holidays have the possibility to spend the end of the year with family or people who love them for who they are. If you are hungry please don't  hesitate to leave a message, if you are in Tampa leave a message below.

Nobody deserves to be alone ever, one night a year we can all sit down and eat, we can meet for eight days and smile together, go for a coffee or a snack, nothing fancy. What I want for the holidays is that people who have nobody to know that you are not alone, there is a friend somewhere who is willing to be there for you without any "buts".

What I want for this holidays is nothing material but to bring a small moment of happiness to whoever feels alone and hopeless, to give to that person, people the gift of friendship and bring old ones to this idea of a celebration.