Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Melancholy of Christmas

Tampa, Fl --- It is another year that has passed; after almost five years I do not feel the void left after being shunned by my parents, still sometimes the shadows lurk without any remorse and I feel old demons just attacking. Is not as bad as it was five years ago, as time pass by is just easier to handle life as well certain key dates on the calendar.

There is a melancholy of Christmas, not only that I feel but within many LGBTQ individuals around the end of the year. That moment where people reunite with family, or at least the people you used to call family. Relationships change and people who would love you by the way you are will come to your life.

Nobody should be alone at the end of the year or ever; but nobody should be obligated to celebrate anything they don't believe or they do not feel comfortable around. If the person doesn't want to go to a family gathering, that person shouldn't be obligated to go specially if they don't share the same set of values as the rest of the family unit.

Is not about how many gifts you will receive, but how you give back to the community or how you treat people around you. There will be no matter what a melancholy, but you can create a difference into someone's else life just by being nice. Time won't heal some of the wounds but you will learn to live with those experiences; as those experiences are the ones who molded you in the person you are today.

Time will let you move forward but as well your disposition to grow, to keep learning; otherwise you will be stuck in the past.

Best wishes for Christmas and for 2016.