Thursday, December 3, 2015

#SanBernardino #PlannedParenthood Is not about Invisible Enemies on Foreign Grounds

(12/03/2015) Tampa, Fl --- It is terrible when the people who we elect for the public offices only offers prayers to the victims of tragedies; but also on a daily basis is difficult for me as a human being when someone is having problems, being alone and what everyone else around only offers prayers as a solution without offering a viable one for the problem.

The problematic with the mass shootings that we keep getting on a weekly basis go on the poor gun control that is around the country; is just easier to get a gun than getting a driver's license or to keep the drivers ID. 

There is the need of a gun reform around the country as well there is a need for the press to start labeling domestic terrorists as a real treat as equally they give attention to any foreign treat. The issue is not about banning the guns but creating controls as equally as restrictive for potential owners as people who are trying to get a driver's ID.

The meaningless platitudes the Daily News mention are just the dogma of the cowards, hiding their own interest and revenue from gun lobbyists. They can't face the truth that all of them would be declared personas non-grata for their actions toward the country well being.

God is not fixing this, there is not a God to blame, but rather us as we perceive of our dynamics as a society function, what we can do to improve our quality of life and what we can do to reduce the violence rate. We have to know that no matter what we do, there is going to be violence is an inherent part of human nature.