Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Edible Yoga Mats Coming Soon in 2016

Yoga Mats are GRRRREAT!
(12/2/2015) Tampa, Fl --- It seemed the Food Babe was right; people had reached the point where they are eating yoga mats , literally kids are enjoying yoga mats because according to them it taste better than Subway foot long sandwich.

Monsanto and Sygenta agreed that by next year they will launch a jointly marketing campaign that will promote education on how to eat yoga mats, recipes and nutritional information.

The introduction of yoga mats as a new nutritional food is going to be outsourced into different chain restaurants as Subway, Quiznos, Panera, Dunkin Donuts and Delta Airlines; where you can order your meal combo with a little bit kale flavored chips.

Imagine eating your sandwich or foot long while at the same time you can contortion and do some yoga poses as The Warrior or the Seated Shill. 

The boldest move comes from Delta, which Food Babe is a frequent flyer and is even to give up points and discounts to whoever use them as referrals when users are buying the Food Babe Way, or do yoga in the plain or complain about the use of real oxygen.

Monsanto also agree that for their organic consciously consumers, they will launch a side line with coconut and kale flavored mats, that is going to be available at certain Whole Foods locations soon after they get the approval from the Non GMO project; because finally they realized GMO's are evil and Food Babe was right.