Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why I support the Legalization of Marijuana in Florida

11/09/15 (Tampa, Fl): I'd probably had kept this entry on the draft section for about three months, nothing in particular that was holding me to write it down but I just wanted to clear my mind of certain issues that were surrounding my personal life as well certain decisions towards my own professional future.

At this moment if you are reading this I have to say I am not an user of any kind, and I believe there should be further studies towards the influence of cannabis in a person's health; as right now there are just certain entries across the Internet that aren't reliable enough.


The death toll is far over the toll on the War on Terror, solely in Mexico on the years 2005-2007 over 165,000 people had been victims of the violence related to the illicit businesses 

Historically Mexico has been the main producer of cocaine and marijuana that reach the United States. At first they were families who created underground railroads to drug traffic. On the 1980's the panorama changed within the incursion of the Colombian cocaine traders. The  American government forced to implement a series of policies in order to create restrictions among the different ports dealers where using to introduce the product in the country.

The expansion of the United States military campaigns against drugs are interlinked into giving some validity to the armed forces; but, also from the government into finding a partner that wasn't as corrupt and that could be able to interact on international borders. At this moment much of the anti-drug plans that came from the United States had found some failure on a long term, such as the Plan Colombia.

One of the many reasons of the failure goes that is not on the eradication of the hectares of hemp; just as finding a solution to the people who are associated with the traffic. Not only the solution abroad could end the high volume of deaths to an end but also could improve the quality of life elsewhere as well on a national level.

The decrease of the incarceration rate could go lower as well the United States prison system wouldn't be clogged with with the justice call felons whose crime was to deal with a substance that is less innocuous than tobacco or alcohol.

The reason on why I support legalization on Florida, is that Florida is a key spot on politics and it can become a defining ground in terms on what trends the country will follow. Legalization can boost the economy on a regional level, set an example on medical research without any sensationalist paraphernalia, become a national example on how to reduce the crime and make the stigma disappear,