Tuesday, September 1, 2015

HGTV Subtle Homophobia on House Hunters and Other Shows

(8/29/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Probably some of you had probably noticed if you are a regular viewer of HGTV. On their shows House Hunters, House Hunters International and Property Virgins, whenever a straight couple it's shown on any episodes, the couple shares an emotive moment with a kiss but whenever a LGBT couple is present on any episodes, they get a hug or a high five,

It's quite unsettling to see a lesbian or a gay man giving a high five to their respective spouses on every single episode. My question is why HGTV is so focused into keeping out of the air any signs of affection between same sex couples.? Is not that is controversial, not even for the demographics of the channel that Generation X as well some older Baby Boomers, The channel is not aimed for straight-cismen but yet it doesn't offer a more honest realistic interaction of LGBT couples who are doing a project or buying a home.

Is not about the high five or the hugs, it's to show some affection into what is call reality television but yet some people feel threaten by two people of the same sex showing affection. but not by any form of violence or shock images on Facebook. To show what I am saying, that HGTV has some homophobic hints here are a few clips: