Sunday, July 19, 2015

Seventh Holistic Alternative Doctor Found Dead in His Home at Saint Petersburg Florida

Dr. Vinay Shah, Father and Acupuncturist 
(7/20/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Another doctor was found dead in his home at 1189 Pinellas Point Dr. South at Saint Petersburg, Florida; bringing the total of alternative holistic doctors to seventh.

After the passing of Doctor Baron Holt, the next victim of these mysterious deaths on the alternative, holistic world of natural medicine is Hindi Dr. Vinay Shah who died from an apparent suicide in his luxurious home located at the Saint Charles neighborhood of the Tampa Bay Area.

Police are ruling that it could be a copycat murderer that is terrorizing the alternative clinics in Florida due the pattern that had followed on the last couple of months in which alternative practitioners of medicine had died suddenly and without a proper explanation.

Behind the passing Dr. Shah is survived by his wife of 26 years Varunani Shah and their two children age 10 and 8. The passing ceremony will be held this Thursday on the Vedanta Center.

More information to come.