Monday, July 13, 2015

Quest Keeper a Charming Yet Frustrating Game

Intro Screen
(7/11/2015) Tampa, Fl --- As many games who found inspiration on Crossy Road; The Quest Keeper appeared on the lights of the tablets, androids and iPhones formats, besides that reference this game is standalone on his own category because it can be extremely difficult to play but the replay value is there and is just amazing.

You play as a peasant who is on a quest to become a powerful dungeon master and your mission is to retrieve all the dungeons as well the powerful artifacts that will help on your quest.

The Infinite Dungeon
The game difficulty relies on the every changing aspect of the maps that you encounter besides the little blocks and visual perspective that is a major element that is used against the player in order to create a difficult challenge. Overall, the main difficulty that this game present is that the character never stops walking unless it bumps into a coffin or any other physical interference

The Infinite Dungeon probably could be the most difficult one of all due after 300 steps the configuration turns into a very chaotic panorama full of spikes, lose tiles and chainsaws, but that is the fun to see how far away you will reach.

You Will Fall
The gameplay is actually quite compelling and fun, not many games for the tablets can be quite entertaining as well enjoyable. There is a reminiscence of old school Nintendo games where simplicity was the key of success within the  gaming community.

Probably I repeated the first five dungeons ten time each and a 100 times the infinite one in order to get the money to open the new quests, all of this because my character kept dying over and over, because it fell on a hole or it got killed by spiders.

I never gave up because the replay value of the game is just amazing, you can keep for hours until the iPad battery life is completely drained. Now I am heading on my sixth dungeon and I feel I could finish the game in about a week from today. I  recommend this little game that you can obtain on your iPad or Android devices, and support the independent developers such as Tyson Ibele and his company Zombox.