Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mohammad, Dylan and Joshua Feuerstein

(7/21/2015) Tampa, Fl --- This is just a small entry, many of you probably realized the same. Why the media and people tend to focus on the ethnic background of a criminal.?

Because it sells, hate towards different ethnicity's sell as well to different ideological and religious groups. Watching around Facebook as well Youtube, I found mostly that the conservator sector became offended after the actions of Dylan Storm Roof made that on several places on the South that the Confederate Flag or War Flags were taken down.

Then from the same sector they had blamed that Islam is just filled with terror and should be banned from the country, even if that idea goes against the constitutional right of practicing and worshiping freely, denying the same First Amendment they shelter dearly whenever they want to justify their hate through the use of the Bible.

There is a double edge of theology but also on the attitudes that people handle towards their fellow neighbors. I can't understand why the media is so focus on hating one religion, creating a xenophobia as well preferential treatment.

Then we have "pastor" Joshua Feuerstein, a man who doesn't believe in evolution but doesn't mind driving on recording himself while having a tantrum on marriage equality and why evolution is not real but probably he never heard - That driving when your senses are impaired is not smart; or saying that Christians should attack gays with firearms because gay marriage is an attack on Christianity up to the point he recorded a video threatening people with violence but we haven't seen any media outlet saying that the man is a domestic terrorist, just because he is white Evangelical who probably is professing his faith through some hate.

There are no differences between these three men, all of them are criminals; only one of them is dead, but one of them was called domestic terrorist on the spot while the other two had been called a man of God and a very disturbed individual.