Wednesday, July 15, 2015


A Patio Filled With Broken Dreams
(7/11/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Two days ago, there were loud noises coming from downstairs, the neighbors were screaming and throwing the doors. As they were some teenage kids who used to live there and bring some friends at first some thoughts passed my head that there could be a fight and I felt tempted to call the cops.

When I opened the door my surprise it was that there were around 20 people helping them to move. As many neighbors I had over the last four years some of them move to go to a place they ideal or because they seek better opportunities, some they can't afford paying for more than a month and leave everything behind and some had to face and some other they are just evicted.

Of course there are plenty of reasons for an eviction, and is better to not make any assumptions. At the moment I realized they were leaving it was around PM. As I went out to the baranda to finally put some of my doubts to rest, I realized how many people they were as I mentioned earlier. There were three vehicles all parked near each other and all of them full of people filling the vehicles with items. As one vehicle left, more came, and it became almost the norm until AM.

What did got my attention were the scream of the little girl that lived there. Much of her toys ended up left behind, but at the same time it was the end of of the innocence for someone who was just young. She screaming for some of her Barbies and movies got stuck in my head, Probably the crying lasted about two hours before she was finally took out in one of the cars.

Imagining to lost your most precious possessions, the things you cherish the most; I had experience something similar towards the lost of some belongings I treasure and I couldn't retrieve when my parents kicked me out because of my gender identity and sexual identity. There is a part of you that dies when there is a traumatic event that you don't have a chance to grab your belongings or at least some of your precious memories such as photos.