Monday, July 20, 2015

Adventure Time Card Wars Game Review

Card Wars Intro Screen
(7/20/2015) Tampa, Fl --- This game for the iPad is quite amazing and I regret that I discovered it a little bit late since the launching of the game by almost a month; but I have no regrets the game is just a jewel for the tablets or the phones to play.

As many of you who are fan of the Adventure Time cartoon; on the fourteen episode of the fourth season of the show, the idea of the game came within the eponymous episode. The episode was centered around Finn and Jake playing a card game that is similar to many current fantasy card games but mostly settled in the environment of the Land of Ooo.

The episode is focused mostly on Finn's and Jake sibling interaction on how they spend an afternoon just playing a game, but also the viewers discover on Jake's competitive nature and why not many of his friends enjoy playing with him. On a mercantile point of view, the episode can be seen as a platform to sell the card game to the viewers as many of you know that these days is almost impossible to watch a cartoon that is not aimed to sell a product.

Card Wars Menu
The game itself a parody of games such as D&D, Yu-Gi-Oh, Weiss Schwarz among others but is so fun as it's just silly to play and it fits with the myths of Adventure Time. The IOS version have a simplified version of the in real life game in which the players can move faster on the board of the game and face different characters from the show.

Card Wars future a similar gameplay as Candy Crush, in which the player moves among a board but only has a certain number of opportunities that are represented in hearts and after a certain amount of time they will refill.

BMO Playing the Game
The rules of the game are simple, we have a set of spell cards (which can be count as magic and traps), then we have monster cards which much of them have effects and lastly we have field cards which represent the type of monster that can be played in.

Matching the field within the number of monsters can be tricky as not all monsters can be played in all fields, which leaves the player with the Rainbow Monsters but they tend to have a lower attack point than the matching monsters and the player can end without having any on his or her field.

There are also competitive option named Deck Wars where the players are matched between each other based on their levels, is a good way to earn valued cards or other trophies. The game is currently on the iTunes store at US$3.99.