Tuesday, July 21, 2015

4 Natural Remedies To Relieve Stress And Overcome Panic Attacks

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(7/22/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Hello my disciples of Monsanto, today we are going to talk about 5 Natural remedies to relieve stress and overcome panic attacks. You know the feeling when your heart starts racing, there is an unpleasant tingle running through your colon that is a sign that you are about to shit yourself and ruin your entire day. Anxiety attacks can come in different levels of severity.

Anything can spark anxiety but that doesn't mean you have some issues or you are following incorrectly a Kale diet or the Food Babe Way. Probably the only factor that can underline your anxiety is that you don't have enough money to follow any silly food fad or buy highly expensive sugar pills.

What follows below will explain just what anxiety is and a few home remedies to help you end your next bout of anxiety.

What is Anxiety.?
I have no fucking clue, I am not a physician, doctor, nurse or whatever and if you are dumb enough to try to find any home remedies to a behavioral, neurological problem that can affect your health I say find assistance before committing yourself to Google U.

But assuming you don't care let's define anxiety with a big Namaste. Anxiety can be best described as a feeling of worry about an uncertain outcome.

There are thousands of causes for anxiety. (No citation needed), so many that pinpointing one specific cause can be difficult (again no citation needed.)

However anxiety can be a cause of following holistic sites that advocate into dropping your medication and later regretting after you caused some harm to someone or to yourself but I am going to assume you want to know some natural and organic medications.

Homemade Remedies for Anxiety:

Sex: It is incredible on how much sex can benefit your overall health. Other than getting into shape and helping regulate your weight, and improve your mental health. If you can get sex or rent a hooker just buy a gallon of ice-cream.

Go to Therapy: It helps, really trust me. Call any hotline that help deals with mental health or suicide and they can help you quite well. Trust a family or friend that know that can reach you, but please ignore stupidity from any holistic site such as Natural News or Food Babe, they are not professionals.

Talk with a friend: It's better than to breath in a paper bag, and nothing is better than receive words of comfort.

Take Up Yoga: Yoga can be quite effective remedy for stress, because you will be farting to peoples' faces on a small room while doing weird posses and you have to hold the laughter. Yoga principles focused around breathing and holding your farts tightly.