Friday, June 19, 2015

Why We Are Still Far Away of Becoming a Post Racial Society

(6/19/2015) Tampa, Fl --- First of all to whoever read this, whatever you need and if is on my reach I will be there to help you, no matter the distance. Second with the shooting of the Mother Emmanuel and all the incidents shown the last year we can say one thing - We are not living in a post racial society, we are living on some form of segregation that only has evolved within the borders of the community but on a social level we aren't far away from the times from the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

With Dylann Roof acts there are a few aspects we can say about how we are seeing racism being the first one on how the public forces had dealt with a Caucasian person who is an adult and killed 9 people inside a church vs. African Americans.

I am not going to blame on all the police, but on a State Wide the police forces should reevaluate their practice and standards because their image on a nation wide has been damage by the way they had dealt situations between "white people" and other ethnic groups.

Is plain simple that there is racism and white people get a preference towards any daily activity. One concern I have towards this situation is that Dylann judgment couldn't be fair towards his actions, let's take a look on George Zimmerman (just to name one of the many) He killed Trayvon Martin and he is free; but on the other hand there was Timothy McVeigh the only name that conservatives hate towards how white extremism is deal towards the public perception but we have to know one tiny but big aspect on the 60's with the Alabama riots for civil rights it was the Republican Party who supported the inclusion of equality but then what happened on the next 40 years.?

To make the story short the appearance of Ronald Reagan produced a shift on the image of the Republican Party by bashing a new set of minorities that on the moments were the LGBTQ community (who were the space goat when the AIDS pandemic exploded) as well how the administration enforced some new policies that discriminated against immigrants especially Mexicans and Colombians. This is just a mere synopsis of 40 years of politics but then again politics are cyclical and this turns happen around half a century.

The Emanuel African Methodist E. Church
There is a part of me that wish Dylann faces the death penalty but also death doesn't resolve anything and the extreme right movement as well the white supremacist will gain a new martyr on their crusade of hate. One element we can learn from Timothy McVeigh is that if there was to be an exemplary punishment a life without parole is one, but then it will a judgment that will bring the final verdict and I hope the jury won't buy the excuse that he has mental issues.

There were no mental issues on this premeditate attack as he knew where to strike and how to strike that person. There were plenty of churches but he mentioned that he hated blacks as well acquaintance mentioned about his habits of racist remarks and how he went to the church to kill "black people."

A problem within this case is again how the media deals with this kind of information as he is a white man. Let's see how Fox News has shown, we see the example here where on the entry he is treated as a "introverted individual"  but if the suspect was from any other ethnicity he would be treated as a menace, a thug, a disturbed man, a sociopath and etc. Also we have to know that Roof killed Senator Clementa Pinckney which make me wonder if he was behind a political leader in order to create some chaos.? Because from all the churches, he went exclusively to the one that has an historic meaning for the Civil Rights movement as well for the African community in general.

It was a deliberate strike, it was planned but then we had seen some privileges the way Dylann has. Also he should be prosecuted because he killed a senator and he committed a racial-hate crime. I really hope there is a fair trial and he gets the punishment he deserves but I am also concern that within a State that still has ties to the Confederacy and has a public display of the Confederate flag on the Statehouse shows how much what kind of people live on that State, but I am not going to generalize.

South Carolina State House
We are still far away of being a society that lives on very inclusive manner, we are still far away from being a society that accepts the mistakes of the past and has learned from the ones we are making today. We are far away from being a society that hasn't changed their image on a worldwide level, and we are still seen as a bunch of intolerant's who can't accept immigrants or anyone because they don't share the same ideals.

We are a society that was formed due a convoluted history, that on the first wave of immigration on the 1900 as well the second on the 1950's. We still think we owe this land but we do not own it, we were invaders who diminished the Native populations. We are still far away of becoming a post racial society because on the way he act towards each other we still have a lot of to learn about civil co-existence, because events as this one shouldn't be happening again as we are all humans and no one is better than each other, but each other can make our communities a little bit better by just helping anyone in need.