Thursday, June 11, 2015

Steampunk Elements in Movies: Le Voyage dans la Lune

Figure 1.1
Positioning the idea of the concept of Steampunk almost back on the beginning of the 20th it could be almost as a crazy idea but the idea itself could be established on the turn of the century by The Aerial Burglar by Percival Leigh and the iconic silent masterpiece of Fritz Lang, Metropolis.

The idea of Steampunk as itself didn't happened until the late half of the 1980's when writer Kevin Wayne Jeter to define in a jovial way the aesthetics of a variant of the cyberpunk genre where there was an in influence of the XIX into the cinematic and literature aspects of the genre of science fiction which set the foundations of the modern cinematic and literary of the genre.

We can even think that much of our own sociological development as humans it can influence from one century to another and set a series of event that will create an artistic product that it could be just fantastic.
Figure 2.1
To understand the historical setting of Le Voyage we have to position ourselves back on the turn of the century where the influence of the Victorian Era were still present and the turn of the Industrial Revolution was around, the cities landscapes were chaotic and the factories could be seen around town; which the idea of a society that use steam as a power source is still present on some sub-genres of science fiction.

The idea of a society that has surrounded the naturalistic side in favor of a more industrial approach was probably saw even briefly on Journey to the Moon when the rocket was ascending to the stratosphere; that idea on these days takes to approach a more modern romantic approach due the aesthetic values of a society that no longer exists but evolved into what we are today.

Even if we don't exhibit the elements of the Industrial Revolution on many countries of the world, we still have the legacy that it was traced on the Victorian society more than a century later. Mostly out of clothing and we had taken some visual examples into our cinematography and entertainment but what is appealing about A Trip to the Moon is that just on 1902 George Melies showed the prototype of what we use today in the cyberpunk or steampunk fiction.

The ideas are quite romantic and they are quite easy to trace as if  we see figure 2.1 we notice towards the clothing and how the fashion imagery which has relation to the dandies had influenced the people who cosplay today towards the science fiction fantasy.

Figure 3.1
Not only the romanticism went to the clothing but scenario wise as it was mentioned earlier, there is an impossible tweak into the laws of nature on a certain extent and creating an impossible scenario that in a strange way could seem to be possible in this world.

The reproduction of fantastic contraptions such as the cannon on Figure 2.1 but as well the scenario on 3.1 where the moon seems to be a savage land opposite to the industrialized nation of Earth. There was a sense of apocalyptic approach where the last frontier was from the dying planet but knowing much of the storytelling it goes on the interpretation of each viewer to the movie.