Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Phil Fish A Letter To You and The Fez Indie Dilemma on How Women and Indie Are Misrepresented

Screen Caption of Fez
(6/02/2015) Tampa, Fl ---There is something magical about Indie Games that defies the conventionalisms of the mainstream industry. Platforms as Steam are amazing to explore a different sides of video games but not only Steam as the Android and Apple markets contain really amazing games that aren't cased on what can appeal to the masses but entertain almost everyone and create a niche.

The paradox that happened with Fez was the lack of appreciation of major companies as well fanatics to support the art on what is to create something as complex as a video game, especially when there is only a team of five or less people.(1)

There shouldn't be a constant pressure on Indie developers if they have a small team to make a game with such complexity as it was Fez but then again much of the today's  gaming goes on vibrant graphics but no major story or replay value on a long extent.

Yet, the problem doesn't rely on the distributing companies but rather on the fandom themselves, as it happened where he experienced some harassment by an unidentified hacker where his personal information as well some sensitive one was exposed online; which it can show how some fanatics can be the worst critics or people who take everything personal when they don't see what they want they will become violent.(2)

A problematic that developers face are part of the Millenial culture aspect where patience is not taken and everything has to have instant gratification. Much as when people crave for likes on Instagram or can't find a way to achieve a goal towards a problem. Yet there is lack of appreciation of the mainstream gamers community towards what defy the conventionalisms,

One case on the last year was Brianna Wu(3) and the case of Gamers Gate along with the harassment of Anita Sarkeesian, all when a group of supposedly all men started a hate campaign and sending death threats to her as well to Brianna. The problem with the gamer community it can be surrounded by a misogynistic approach as well some macho ideals of people that can't confront their problems on the real world but rather have to rely on their own insecurities as well the use of a computer screen to make them feel much as "macho".

With the problem of Gamers Gate came the situation where the niche of the market is situated for a teenage demographic or young adults that have no self-control or respect of others. Thinking that the approach of the solution could be a reform on how gender and identity are taken into the exploration of the different story lines beyond where a woman is just a mere object and the man is always the hero.

The syntax's that Princess Peach had been kidnapped several times, that Samus is more of a sexy heroine than of a heroine or bounty hunter can be quite disturbing on how the industry approach their public. There should be a point in the next 10 years where the women role in video games should be reconsidered as more than an object, there should be a point where the indie developers can expose and let others buy their products on a free market's economy without fear of discrimination or ridicule.

Fez is only one in the long list of cases where there was a sense of betrayal from the gamers and the industry to the developers, there is a need for a change and people as Phillip Poisson, Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian are just three of many that could create a new notion within the industry but when there are no eyes or ears to transmit a new way or message then the only way is to keep fighting for a change even if is small it can be meaningful.  


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