Friday, June 26, 2015

#Love is What Makes a Family #Equality For All

Equality for All
(6/26/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Love has won one battle within a great victory, equality in marriage is officially the law of the land around the United States. The country is in one piece and there wasn't the apocalypse the right wing had predicted.

God hasn't abandoned the country but by fair treatment of your neighbor and placing compassion without expecting anything to be given back except love is the very first step to reach a civic co-existence.

The nation had survived the rainbowcalypse and is almost 8PM as I am writing this entry; tomorrow will be another day, just a little big better day for many of us. That on a federal level we are recognized as individuals but still the goal for peace has to be won. This day has been about equality but not only for the LGBTQ, is a day that equality has to be for all where there is no racism, no hate and no prejudice to any individual who is trying to do good for their communities without expecting anything back but just to know that there is a time that it will be peaceful for everyone.

Today is the first day that for many of us the future looks peaceful here in the United States but there is a moment that the idea of equality has to be worldwide. To my parents if you are reading this: I forgive you for all the 25 years of mistreatment until the day you guys decide to kick me out when I introduced you my better half; you call me a mentally disturbed individual, someone who was going to rot in hell and die from AIDS. You always gave preference to what other people would say about you without even looking at yourselves and loving yourselves, you were so focused hating that you lost your son.

I forgive you because there is no need to fear against the world and I see in you two people who are fearful to face it. The last four years had been difficult, I cried every night until I fall asleep because I couldn't understood how you acted as that but then I understood that you weren't happy with yourselves as a couple and you shielded in a hate projected to your dogma.

I cried for a long time but then I realized that I am my own persona, my own self and I am strong enough to survive. Your words were ignorant, you have no idea about the suffering people have when they get HIV, is not a plague send by God is a virus that created a pandemic and is still a major issue because of lack of understanding in sexual behavior that is linked through sexual education. People with HIV are people and you treat everyone with a good heart with dignity until the very end.

I forgive you because after all this time I understand you don't like each other and you pretend that everyone around you have the same attitude; I am not as you, even if from the last four years, the first two were a process and then I realized I wasn't alone.

What if I wasn't that lucky, what if I was as many other LGBTQ whose family shun and they died.? What if I committed suicide as I planned because I was tired of living as for a long time I saw no Hope.? Many people had died under those circumstances and I  am lucky enough to have a good circle of friends that had acted as my family as well a soon to be husband who helped me to go through the hard times.

You made me see the world as if it was a difficult place, as if I couldn't trust people, while in reality you were the ones who couldn't trust anyone else and had no friends. I forgive you even if you cut ties with my grandparents and made me think that everyone else in the family were terrible people. Guess what if you are reading this.? You were totally wrong, extremely wrong but your pride blinded you.

Love is what makes a family, being there for the time in needs, equality and communications are basic components, and this is a not only a victory for the LGBTQ community in North America this is a victory for people who practice and preach equality. This is the first day in a long time that I do not feel as a second class citizen and I am not the only one around.

I hope you are happy with the life you created, because for the first time as a Queer individual I am happy with who I am and my achievements, this is a long battle but is not a lost battle. is a battle that everyone face to conquer the struggles and to live with dignity. I hope you are happy with your own lies because here I had been living with freedom.

I wish you the best for your future and I am gladly requesting you to please do not contact me as I have no intentions to be part of your lives as you weren't part of mine and I won't hesitate to call the cops; I have a family here who loves me for who I am, and some amazing co-workers who are just there. I wish you the best with your little "perfect" family, because from the bottom of my heart I need to say that there is no perfection and that image you try to protect is more than a joke.

I wish you the best back there in Cartagena, to all of you and my brother. As as Spock said "Live long and prosper."

There is still a long way to go, to the newer self-identify queer youth who are in risk of abandonment they need to know that there are people around who aren't blood related that they care about their well being, that they aren't alone. To the people who feel abandonment in their families because they couldn't be accepted for live who they are. Whenever there is someone who is suffering there will be someone else that will be willing to help.

Today marks the first day for a society that shouldn't be plagued with fear and discrimination, today is the first day for many couples and families, for many individuals who can start living their lives fully. Today is a day where we can keep fighting because love is love and love makes a family.