Sunday, June 14, 2015

GMO OMG McDonald's Is Turning Your Blood Into Mere Fat! OMG That is Tasty

(6/6/2015) Tampa, Fl --- OMG, you won't believe what happened to me. I ended up in the emergency room because of all the GMOs and definitely not the natural all organic aspect of the McDonald's evil food. We all know that McDonald's food is composed by genetic modified organism that are mostly fat and spend their time in a confined space without experience the joy of being cage-free and without pesticides.

It's because of all the pesticides in their meats and GMO potatoes that they use on their french fries, I won't deny that it was delicious, the flavor of the meat, the fries and the ice-cream all of those went straight to my hips, my colon and the valves of my HEART.! Yes, you read right my heart ventricles. I ended up in the ICU of the Saint Theresa Hospital of Tampa Bay which now I can say I am broke because of my diet filled of GMO, tasty GMO's.

The photo on the top is a vial of my blood, it was extracted after the floor physician decided to extract blood samples and to his surprise he pulled more fat than blood. He said "OMG what had you been eating,?" I replied - McDonald, after seeing 15 times Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock definitely convinced me that it was healthy, OMG GMO's are Tasty. -

People ask McDonald's to drop the GMO, raise the prices and put more restrooms and toilets in the restaurants also to put warnings on every meal and a bilateral contract to establish that their food is delicious and cheap but is also poison.