Friday, June 5, 2015 Eating Too Much Organic Bullshit

(5/27/2015) Tampa, Fl --- The endless battle against the evil Monsanto never cease to amuse me, there are plenty of quacks around the Internet to mention a few The Food Babe, Modern Alternative Mama, The Balanced Blond, David "Avocado" Wolfe, The Health Ranger, World Truth Tv just to name a few, but there is a special place on my heart with because after Natural News they write a lot of shit without even citing fake studies or links as other websites do.

Let's talk seriously, if a website who is trying to get a reputation as a serious site to visit, decides to post tirades against bio-technology using paranoia and the adjectives "big" or quote any studies without the proper citation just to incite fear on the ignorant people that they read their entries, then there is no respect at all or any consideration to be taken that the website is serious.

The fallacy with eatlocalgrown comes from the same idea they are trying to promote where on an ideal level they try to promote to buy local products, they fail to mention that economy doesn't work that way towards buying produce and what you find one day it won't be there the next season or it would be impossible to buy it "local" because the soil is not proper for cultivating the product.

The next part of their fallacy goes that the mimic Natural News on every single possible way and they had incited a fear mongering against GMO's. Again, pages as this show how much there is a fight against food from First World Countries. It's quite unthinkably for me to realize how many people in the world are thirsty and hungry and some douchebags just complain about their foods, complains that lack of fundamental knowledge or studies, mere act of bitching just to bitch to show their elitism that they can pay for the label.

The idea of demonizing GMO is just a mere concept of elitism, because within the concept of page as this one "if they are safe,? why not to label them.? in order for consumers to know." They tend to answer their own question with a silly answer they ignore. Because they are safe, and if they get label people will still find a way to put a shit on the labels because as soon they start Googling the information there is a chance they won't understand each component and at the end they will start demanding for the impossible "no chemicals within the food" which within the concept we are talking there will be no food but we have to consider that the idea they are pushing within "organic agriculture" is just a mere facade to justify the people who purchase that shit feel superior to everyone else.