Tuesday, June 23, 2015

1984 and the Orwellian Influence on Our Brave New World

John Hurt in 1984
(6/23/2015) Tampa, Fl --- There are moments where reality mimics fiction, there are plenty of times I had written about 1984 in part because it's my favorite book since I can remember. In part I am mentioning this because at the moment the book was written in the years after World War 2 and in the beginnings of the Cold War where the international political scenario was thick, probably almost 60 years the tensions aren't as bad as they used to but still there is a lingering tension that the next war will start, especially with the cyclical aspects of politics and economics.

Probably the world has changed a lot in the last 65 years, not only talking about geographical borders but as well the mentality of the individuals. We are talking about how technologies had affected the borders of the land as well the social ones, as within communications we had been able to make friends regards their location.

The idea of technology as an unifying factor can be used as well as we are aware to spy, much as the State of Oceania survives to the outer and inner parties as well the proles through the use of the dual telescreen, in which of there is one installed per house on Airstrip One. The idea of surveying the population today is not strange at all because within the use of technology as we have i.e. smartphones, web cameras or even a simple computer; anyone can spy into any one by hacking into their location if there aren't proper measures

Lets take a look on the Patriot Act that was instated by George W. Bush and extended by Barack Obama in order that will let the government spy on their citizens, just arguing that it will be justify to stop any terrorist attack. Yet there are just flaws as with the recent attack of Dylann Storm where he on his natural personal and through the use of his faculties as a competent adult left an array of racist tirade and manifestos related to white supremacy but the government under the surveillance didn't detected or did anything to stop it.

Hacking or spying into someone's activity has a legal edge on if it should be really allowed under the idea of a perpetual war. Give some distrusts to the population in order that the population mistrusts themselves and trust an absolute party. Let's visualize as North Korea, where the idea of the government implementing a charismatic figure that is always there and ever watching the population is a reality.

Within North America is extremely difficult that something as North Korea will happen, especially with the division of powers as well the mentality of the people, we also have to not assume that North America is not excempt of any phenomenon that could rule a totalitarian theocracy under the arms of the Tea Party and their double moral towards religion as well anyone who is not a Caucasian individual who is a third generation born in the United States and definitely not a Muslim.

To analyze the spectrum of the term of - Big Brother is always watching you -, we have to analyze that the context where the term came beyond the work of fiction and there was an inspiration within the rice of the Iron Curtain in which the charismatic leaders were the mascots of the propaganda of their respective government.

Within the context of the timeline of the book, nobody knows who in reality is the Big Brother or if he already existed because of the continuity as due the constant edits of the Ministry of Truth nobody outside the Inner Party knows if he really exist or if he is just a mere machination produced by the propaganda.

There has been certain comparison between the Democratic Party as well the rise of an African American President witting the conservative circles that due Obama's extension of the Patriot Act as well the incursion of SOUP had placed him on a secular exemplary of the almost fanatical image of the Orwellian concept of Big Brother.

While the conservatives who try to do the analysis between Obama and the enigmatic leader forget that Big Brother punished everyone who went against the policies instated by the Party. Some people had argued that today the First Amendment is being contested through anyone who dares to defy the government but then talking about within the contemporary context we are living, we can't go between anarchy and go to violence in order to justify speech; because no one who in the context of civil co-existence had been sent to jail for dare to defy anything against the legal parameters.

By Swoboda (Unkown)
Probably one of the most complex elements of the book is the Ministry of Peace of MiniPax according to the newspeak that it is within the cannon. The reason of the importance of the MiniPax it correlates a small but very important element we'd seen on a daily basis at least here in North America - Ignorance is Bliss - but there are enough educational options within the country itself, programs that foment critical thinking and analysis to the current reality without sacrificing any career investment.

There is enough knowledge but then this is not because the government needs the people dumb as some people place it or as is in the book an entire ministry dedicated to keep people ignorant on what's happening around them or to explain them how their country works (I guess Fox News works on this paradigm.)

We can correlate the Fox News functions much as the MiniPax within the 1984 universe, as both function to keep a status-quo towards a biased truth that fit the interest of the corporation as well the political party they endorse. Keeping the masses at bay about the complex international dynamics as well on how a national - regional level we function within the multiculturalism just by placing fear on the slogan if the person is different than you is an enemy. In a macabre way Fox News just perpetuates the idea of an eternal war that keeps going and going against the United States but never says any shadow interest that are being pursued whenever there is a new enemy of democracy.

Probably is true - War is Peace - and keeping war it keeps certain peace towards the population; such as the War on Christianity, War on Terror, denying that on a national level we are still far away from a post segregationist society (I refuse to say post racial as the term is extremely wide and not precise) and minorities keep getting segregated not only financially but as well socially from breaking the circles of poverty but as well engaging with people who share a different set of ideologies or world perception as well cultural level. As if is seen within the State of Oceania.

The influences themselves are quite more complex and longer than the ones mentioned on this short reflective essay but there will be more time later to continue on how certain social and international trends that are reflected on literature or art are seen every quarter or half century.