Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Organic Fallacy or The Stupid Shit That if Touch Sometimes Else it Stops Being Organic

It's all Bullshit
(5/20/2015) Tampa, Fl --- The idea of "organic" products are better is just a mere fallacy that shows in a very illustrative but simple way the division of ideologies between people and how the grocery, agriculture and marketing business work in an interlink to promote an idea to the consumers that if you pay more is the best.

The best way to describe the organic philosophy is with the epistemology term a priori as the consumers make an assumption that if you pay more it will be for the best of your health but also as if "organics" can violate basic natural rules of chemistry as if an "organic" item touch a surface that is not organic then is contaminated and is not longer organic. Bullshit to this pseudo New Age philosophy, all "organic" foods aren't different from the other ones taking out the idea of biotechnology as on a molecular level they are the same. It's much as the old proverb "No matter if a monkey is dressed in silk, it will still be a monkey."

The Struggle of Social Classes
The same principle is applied in the supermarket but as well on the precept on how each people treat themselves and adjust themselves to survive in a volatile economical scenario that is present around the world. If we analyze the economy around the United States we will understand that a different segments of the population live with governmental help and they go from single parents, nuclear families to single individuals and even the elderly.

Yet the nutritional patterns people follow are learned on several scenarios when they are children, to the posterity they are taking into their adulthood but it is possible to change and even to live on a budget. The idea of placing food as a demonic element is a paradox from the First World Countries that had expanded into different locations with less economical resources such as the Sub-Saharan Africa and far away to the Philippines just to name a few countries and locations.

Then using the slang of the pro-organic individuals as well conspiracy theorist "Big Organic" companies along with "Big P.R. firms" had cleverly executed over the decades that certain forms of products are better than other when the reality is that is not what you pay for is how you use the ingredients even if they are cheap to create a superb dish, but they also had formulated that the biotechnology is trying to kill the world population but sustain a model of organic agriculture for 8 billion people is unrealistic and impossible.

The main precept around all "organic products" is that they will stop being "organic" if they come in contact with any other products. Is an extremely stupid thing because essentially the products will stop being "organic" as soon they are placed in contacts with the surfaces or the bottles but I guess through magic is possible to negate what organic compounds are by saying something a priori such as "It's not organic because it touched something that wasn't organic." So I guess, unless we are talking about a general rule for food safety - "Don't throw your organic food, or mixed with innorganic compounds such as Barium Carbonate because you will die."