Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shocking Discovery Candy Made of Missing Gingers

In a shocking discovery, made by an anonymous daddy blogger that the companies know as Monsanto and Syngenta had been kidnapping red haired people around the globe in order to create a new set of candies, all of this because there are no fertile soils in the world to plant ginger plants or cacao for the chocolate.

So in order to supply the ginger demand across the world Monsanto is kidnapping ginger people and offering them vacation packages to Madison, Wisconsin and tours to their headquarters where they never see the daylight again.

according to the anonymous daddy blogger who survived the experience of being thrown into one of their cells where they are forced to reproduce and surrender their children to the evil corporation that rules the world.

If you are wondering why there no photos it's because we can trust an anonymous dad who blogs and happens to live on the area; has no solid evidence that Monsanto isn't actually evil but just as any other corporation runs for profit because that's the essence of doing business.

Yet the gingers of the world keep declining little by little every day in order to turn them into candy or powder; because let's face it, with all the souls gingers steal they have more flavor than any other humans, more than blondes or people with violet eyes.

The idea of people believing any shit they found on Google, only shows that we are in the era were being natural is in vogue but yet cannibalism isn't acceptable in the organic stratosphere because lets face it there is nothing more organic than a human being except when they have silicon or metal then they are just regular human beings and aren't valid for consumption as they are less 100% organic.

Post anything you want on Monsanto's Facebook wall because I am sure they will listen, eating gingers is not for everyone but if they are organic that is OK. Call to action.! Fools...