Friday, May 8, 2015

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? On How Social Media Has Turned into Hypocrites and Had Exposed not Only Police Brutality

Who watches the Watchmen
(5/8/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? "Who Watches the Watchmen.?" This question had been floating in my head because due the complex social issue about if we are really in a post racial America is true, then we shouldn't be saying that statistically speaking minorities will be the first one will be punished while Caucasians will have it easily.

Some conservators will say that "when a white person dies the media won't create a fuzz but when a black person dies then entire media creates a fuss." We have to understand that beyond the point or paradigm of information there is an entertainment, shock and bias values towards what we know today as the different channels of communications are there to sell or to satisfy their different audiences.

All Life is Sacred(1) is a basic principle of Christianity as well other religions, that seems only goes and is applied by convenience but yet is a principle that has been lost over the centuries in which there is no respect for any life at all. Let's analyze how human we had become egocentric as well how channels and portals such as Facebook or Instagram had contributed to this descent into a lack of integrity in between the ego and ideologies of different individuals.

When he have all these channels and a demographic of individuals with little to no formal education who believe that any media over-exposition on their personas is a good publicity in order to create some instafame, they also forget that the "Internet doesn't forgive the acts of anyone." Because of the innovation of technology we had a glimpse on how some abuses of the power had gone through unnoticed over the years but we are going to talk about that in a moment.

On March 12th of 2015(2) James Stuhlman died in the hands of two African American youth named Tyfine Hamilton and Brandon Smith. I do not know how much the media did on the coverage as I refuse to watch television at any cost but there were several searches around Google about his case and that he was murdered because the two teenagers decide to simply rob someone.

A really random act took the life of an innocent bystander who was in the way of a group of bored teenagers who decided to do a random act of violence. On the other side of the spectrum beyond gang acts we have brutality in the hands of the law enforcement and just by searching around the Internet there are roughly three million cases around the world.

Because of the access of technology we all are seeing some faces we never saw before so openly such on the modus operandi of the corruption of police force with the latest victim being Freddie Gray (3) but yet Freddie wasn't too much of an innocent bystander according to his criminal records(4) but yet even if he was a criminal and was already under arrest and on his way to the booking center, no one even suffer and meet a cruel demise especially whenever there was video of him walking and on his way he ended up suffering a fatal spinal injury.

Then, who watches the watchmen.? The people are the ones who watch the watchmen and technology had helped to uncover the side that they don't want anyone else to see. Probably with technology itself there will be a change in the racial attitudes as well personal attitudes on towards who we are as humans because we can't be defined by the tone of our skin but rather by our own actions.

1) Genesis 9:8-10