Friday, May 15, 2015

Modern Alternative Unnatural Mama and Why She Hates the Medical Community

The Face of Insanity
(5/16/2015) Tampa, Fl --- The problem with the Internet goes that any buffoon with some extremist ideologies can gain some popularity; but really, since I moved the country I only met people who see medical and technological advances as if they were the "work of Lucifer himself."

Then we have one "mommy blogger" who gets offended if you call her mommy blogger but she has no medical training and she hates the medical field as a whole, she represents the epitome of a sheltered environment where she doesn't even go along with her husband to give a proper education to her kids because she believes into "unschooling" in order to tailor their interest but yet if there is no proper curriculum then her kids are going to struggle to get decent jobs or survive in the world that she denies.

Kate or Modern Alternative Mama as she is known around the internet sphere is the epitome of a person who knows anything about the world and only see her truth as the ultimate truth everyone has to accept. On a recent entry she expressed that is OK to take supplement to treat infections or even so vitamin C to treat cold of flu like symptoms even if has been proved that vitamin C do nothing for a cold but could be a good tool to fight scurvy.

As well on that entry she mentioned she is anti-vaccine but yet she doesn't take blame on giving fraudulent medical advice on which supplements people can take. Not only that, she extrapolates supplements as if they were more effective than actual medicines and she places medicines as unnatural because they aren't God's made.

To understand Kate's rationality we have to see that she is heavily involved into a branch of Christianity that is known as Quiver-full but also we have to see an individual who is uneducated within medical and biological sciences; then, her beliefs intervene into a web where if the supplement is from "natural compounds" that are minimally processed then is OK for human consumption because it reflects God's work which is almost the opposite as pharmaceutical drugs.

If she can understand on the Abrahamic eschatology that God created everything even those "pesky compounds she doesn't like because they don't reflect his design," she has to know that we as an extension of God's image we are just doing his work, unless she wants to see her children barred from the face of Earth because the weaklings won't inherit this planet she will be on the realms of Darwinian theory of evolution.

So, if another of her children breaks an arm or needs critical medical attention maybe she will take him to a naturopath or some other form of holistic bullshit because on her mind because is better to trust someone who has a plaque of chakras on his office than an actual pediatrician.

Her way she interprets the field of medicine is mostly as "unnatural to her beliefs" as she expects that all the cures come through a miracle but yet the natural laws don't work like that and supplements are as effective as a spoonful of Nutella or any pill to lose weight that was sponsored by Dr. Oz.