Friday, May 22, 2015

Josh Duggar The Real Scumbag Steve

The Real Scumbag Steve
(5/22/15) Tampa, Fl --- Only in America you can molest underage girls and if you are white you can get your own reality show along with the freaks you call family.

It's just fascinating to see how an illiterate scumbag as Josh Duggar is in the center of a position of power all thanks to the reality show of 19 Kids and Counting where he along the people he call family earned the attention around the United States middle class because essentially he is a reflection of the desires of the people who watch the show.

To understand the center of the controversy we have to understand that Josh Duggar is a reflection of his own parents as well the product of a poor education and role models that he saw at his own home. The center of his life was and it is still around the Quiverfull, which is a movement that positions the male in the role of absolute patriarch of the family and the women as just mere submissive objects who are there to please the male as well to give birth and take care of the house needs.

Albeit the perception of the Duggar's over the last decade all due the efforts of edition of TLC had shown them as Christian nuclear family that can relate to the demographics of the channel. I am not placing any blames but the parents of this scumbag of a man get all the blame for being such assholes as an example to not only him but to the rest of his siblings.

Probably the worst of this case is that they essentially bought the silence of the women Joshua Duggar molested and because the laws in Arkansas if the crime is not reported in a three year period there is nothing it can be done; but the biggest douchebag move come from Jim Bob himself than instead throwing his child to the authorities he took to his church and spoke with State Trooper Jim Hutchens who by 2015 is facing 56 years in jail because of child pornography.

We have to remember that also Josh was lobbying for the Family Research Council, we all know that the F.R.C. is a hate group that had been hand in hand with violent acts to the LGBT community over the decades, not to mention the Duggars themselves had shown some violent tendencies towards the LGBT's.

On 2014 the matriarch Michelle Duggar campaign on a robocall paid by FreeFayetville in which after an ordinance was planned to protect LGBT individuals on public spaces and let transgender individuals use the facilities they feel that matched their identity. Michelle Duggar on the calls called transgender women "as males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female" but if we analyze their logic - because they asked forgiveness to the Lord then they are OK and can be forgotten of any actions.-

The actions of the Duggar's as a family are just filled with bullshit as if they pretend they are higher than everyone than anyone else, just by acting pious. This action was just to hide some family shaming because the parents where more concern about their perfect family image as well any public perception people had about them when the show was in development,

Yet some people who share a similar value in their ideologies with sympathize with the Duggar's and will attribute as if there was a prosecution on their beliefs only because the Duggar's had created a venomous opposition to the LGBT community and they can correlate that they are only being defamed even if Josh Duggar confessed about his actions.

Another problematic on this case goes on how the Duggars as conservative Christianity (or if we want to be more specific Independent Baptist) is as whole there are no open conversations about sexuality, gender identity and the taboos about sex which in the Christian doctrines are seen as a sin and we could analyze into further on how if the precepts aren't fits towards the doctrines then is just an immoral act.

We have to think also that Josh had expressed publicly that "gays are a threat to children" but in his hypocrisy he never said that was doing any damage by molesting underage girls and probably some of his sisters; the lack of transparency even continues by his own father saying that his son sexual abuses draw them closer to God.

What kind of God wanted an act of sexual abuse to be placed in his or name.? None but only a crazy and deranged individual will said - That God forgave him for the abuses because he apologized to the victims.- You just don't apologize, a void apologize won't ever erase the damage as the victims have to live with that damage. At the end not only Josh is the real Scumbag Steve but so as his parents and much of his siblings, they are just mere scumbags of human beings.