Saturday, May 2, 2015

Erica Walker You are a Disgrace

Dear Erica,

I will be brief but I will say this as a minority also, - you are a disgrace, - why I am saying this.? I read your pathetic post, your inflammatory post.

Why are you angry,? It seems you live on a nice neighborhood, you essentially belong to the privilege class that you critique so badly on your little speech. Do you think you are going to change the perception of racism,? No.

You are just tainting the work of figure as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and just to name a few. You are showing that you don't know anything on how to create civil disobedience in order to create a change, you think that America was built on the back on your ancestors.? Think again, African slaves were the second group to suffer the same fate as the aboriginal population and think again twice, the Native Aboriginal suffered a fate worse than yours as they lost their lands and their people to diseases as well to every single immigrant regard their color of their skin or ancestry.

You think this is will undo the damage.? No, think on all the people who are fighting for you, to keep your shitty little act, think on all the people who fought for the liberty you are desecrating. Yes, there is racism, we are not in post-racial America, we are in an America that the minorities are still being seen as third class citizens but there are different channels to put your voice without acting as little mother fuckers who think are bad-ass by doing something stupid.

Do you want to create a change Erica.? Go outside and lobby, protest on public grounds, show your discomfort and help the families of the victims of police brutality. We all are humans being and we all had suffered but stepping on the flag won't create a difference go and hep your community and don't associate yourself with any extremist movement, there are so many ways to change the peoples' perceptions without resorting into some cheap trick.

If you want to create a difference in your community as well in everyone's else life help the victims of violence, do something for your community, assist the families who had lost their children and loved ones due the hands of brutality regards if it's police brutality or gang brutality. There are so many ways and yet there you are acting as a that as someone who shows no knowledge about the world and how to create a positive impact.