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Dad Bod or How the Bear and Chub Subculture Influenced the Mainstream

Bears from Wikipedia Commons
(5/16/2015) Tampa, Fl --- After reading that dreadful entry on The Odyssey Online I realized how shallow the author can be, she is essentially justifying her insecurities of her body images by the people she dates or better say men within the bigger size.

I guess the author Ms. Pearson is just a chubby chaser in denial but at the same time she had found a new terminology for an old one within the Gay Community to be used among straight women who like bigger men aka The Dad Bod.

The problem with the Dad Bod goes that the simple meaning has several connotation such as an implicit Androphilia Complex(1) as well some fascination towards finding a father's replacement figure in terms of sexual attraction by idealizing a type of body you are familiar with.

Then on the Bear and Chubs subculture we had an appreciation towards the masculinity that is not sold on the mainstream media, as mainstream media portraits an unrealistic approach towards the male body image as much it has been done since the last century for the female body within fashion magazines.

We can say that the appreciation of a more au-natural approach to beauty is not new, as on the world of art artistes such as Renoir, CarreƱo de Miranda, Botero just to name a few had an approach of beauty as the way it is over the past millennium. It is difficult to advocate for a magazine body because there is not enough Photoshop to create an ideal image that is almost impossible to achieve in the real world.

According to historian Jack Fritscher there is a celebration of male secondary sexual characteristics about masculinity such as hair, body proportions and baldness; which itself had a problematic juxtaposition where even if there has been a media exposure about a body realness there are also a subdivision of counter cultures and discrimination between the bear and chub subcultures.

Where there is no perfection to the ideal image of a bear but yet it shouldn't be but there should be a celebration on the complex facet of humanity that is biological attraction or the lack of it; albeit there has been more attention to the dad bod, chubs and bears type beyond the Rosanne era as is good to mention that musicians such as Tom Goss who had expressed in his song Bears about the diversity and body positive image and they are also fun to be with.

The two movies of Bearcity also show a different face of the gay community towards the dating scene where there aren't really many men with six packs but there are plenty interaction between men of all sizes. Maybe Ms. Pearson on her entry on why girls prefer her men with a more realistic body or a dad bod is not far away from reality, taking out much of her personal fears that women need to hang out with men who will make them look pretty, she achieve on little but big personal realization "guys with a belly cuddle better" as well they value more time with their significant other rather than the people who spend much of their time at the gym trying to achieve an ideal personal image.


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