Saturday, April 25, 2015

When You See it It Will Surprise You Where Chemtrails Start

Tempe - Arizona (4/24/2015) -- You probably had gone for a walk or maybe you had go in your car for a ride, then you realized that there is a trail that the airplanes left; at first you could be mesmerized but then if you pay attention, those are contrail patterns or as they are known worldwide chemtrails.

You could seriously believe this bullshit by surrendering yourself to any crazy conspiracy that appears on the Internet, or you just could simply sit down and enjoy the marvels of engine that are airplanes.

Why to believe in conspiracies,? Let's take a look on this article of Natural News (No family relationship to us). After you look at their entry you will realize one small aspect they offer no argument to their thesis based on selection on some studies and they adjust the information to inflate it to their own truth.

The people who read their "news" are individuals who won't dare to create a counterargument to the exposition of their entries, they will simply will take as the maximum truth. Is an ad-hominem fallacy that plays with ignorance as is easier to believe, only because at the end humans go or easy solutions rather than to analyze any information that will challenge their world perception.

As any other conspiracies, chemtrails are easy to believe because they fulfill the necessity to fill the void that is in the life of someone. To think about the invisible enemies, that the government is against you; to believe any headlines that are written in a first person perspective because you think it will be truth.

It's all bullshit but yet people believe in this kind of crap because they can't understand the world, such as the case in Kingman, Arizona where residents were concern about the white streak that the planes left after they passed, they were alarmed about the condensation trails but yet how you explain something obvious to someone who is convinced about the reaction is the product of an invisible enemy.?

You can't, because some people live on their fantasy world about that is the fault of the first African-American President or that we need to submit to the Reptilian Overlords; but we can take a different approach and analyze some sociological patterns where we can see some form of racism that is inherent within these individuals, that they see the fault on why their communities are failing on the hands of strangers that had never set foot instead of taking care themselves.

When you see it, it will surprise you; where chemtrails start as they start in the imagination as well as shadow of your own spectrum of insecurities; there is nothing fantastic about chemtrails just the imagination of the people to understand what is happening around them.