Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Civil Right Cycle How Conservators are Becoming the Democrats of the Post Jim Crow Era

A Right Delayed is a Right Denied

(4/30/2015) Tampa, Fl --- I barely read anything from the National Review or any other inflammatory media but what got my attention was the cover of the 4/20/15 edition, which on big white letters and a Photoshop puritan with a hat that had some rainbow stripes. The article was written by Kevin D. Williamson  where he essentially denies that the LGBTQ Rights can't be compared with the African-American Rights, there is not a single valid argument on Mr. Williamson that I can agree with towards what is injustice, all because he shows a misunderstanding on what is how to be discriminated and alienated from society.

Imagine a Sign as This Across The States
 tend to be cyclical and some people recycle some thoughts of the past into the present; imagine seeing a graphic as the segregation that is shown on the right side of the screen today? You probably would be shocked, but the imagery of the Jim Crow era is still present on the South.

A few days ago my and my husband we went to see some apartments on the "nicer area" of town and as we went back to our current place we took one small detour as where we live is the same avenue on where I work but the avenue connects to a side that is not well pleasant to the eyes or safety in general.

That neighborhood is just below Busch Gardens Tampa, and goes for around 8 miles wide passing from Hillsborough East (close to the casino) to a little bit further of I-275 in close proximity with the Colombian Neighborhood. That section of town showed how much segregationist is still there, not even hiding, where you can see it on plain sight.

East Waters Avenue
The difference between social classes in the United is still divided by the color of the skin and the family origins of the person, as well there is the perpetual sterotype of the abuse of Food Stamps and how some people discriminate against the users.

The idea of - that one race is superior to another -, has been and still in the minds of many America and the perpetual stereotype that the people are at the mercy of the government if they are a minority but as well that America is only for white people and not immigrants.

As the idea of discrimination based on religion had turned into a legal ground because of the different "Religious Restoration Acts" give not only a legal ground but also it's a reversal back on the first sixty years of the last century where men and women where separated because of the color of their skins, except now these laws are in the hand of the Republicans, which right now the party should embrace the idea of protecting civil rights as well when they did back on the sixties.

The dichotomy of the religious acts not only goes toward the LGBTQ population, where the legal grounds to discriminate base on the religious beliefs of the persons are legal but also it opens a hell to discriminate against anything the individual perceive unholy, much as it happened with how Hobby Lobby manipulated the contraception issue and discriminated against their female employees.

If as Fox News is reporting as right, on what the Christian right will do civil disobedience if same sex marriage goes legal on a nation wide level, then it will show how much hypocrite a religion who profess love and understanding for the neighbor have become, where the idea of them seeing themselves a the chosen people gives them the right to do whatever they want in order to humiliate anyone who doesn't belong into their sects or ideologies.

The idea of legalizing same sex marriage won't fracture the nation but it will show how some individuals are towards the population; think on how several European countries had progressed towards civil rights and God hasn't punished them and the nation are still there; but there is an idea about that the institution of marriage has to be defended, yet people on the right wing circles are on their second or third marriage and yet promote the idea that marriage is saint but yet they don't mind fucking with different people or having multiple wives.

It doesn't matter at the end because every number of years the trends reverse and who knows with the next frontier what will happen.