Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Trendy Diet with Organic Apples Now you Know How to Differenciate Between Non GMO and GMO Because Seriously

Unnatural News (4/26/2015) - An apple a day won't really put the dentist away; but if you buy organic apples then your wallet will be empty and you will start losing day and reaching a new way to diet that we like to call the Yuppie Diet.

We can assure you that was pointed within several studies that are re-examining the health values of "bio-active compounds" in apples over time had discovered that organic apples help to balance the bowel microbiota as prebiotics. In other words - You will be broke until the next payday because there won't be nothing to eat on your pantry, except maybe Hamburger Helpers and you will be taking shit to the bathroom every three hours improving better your probiotics.

A study that was performed by Washington State University's Department of Food Science, observed that apples contain indigestible compounds (or as Food Babe says - If you can't pronounce don't eat it, or maybe it was the slogan of a 1980's campaign of Blue Bell's who knows.?) that created fecal microbial balances in obese mice that duplicate the microbial flora of thinner balanced, healthier mice.

Also, according to the Washington State University or Natural News all apples contain this indigestible and unpronounceable compounds that pass through the gastrointestinal tract and aren't metabolized by the body, allowing them to go into the bowels intact and finally become fermented. Which this is where organic apple cider comes from, from all the fermented probiotic bacteria in the colon.

Several types of apples were used with the mice to determine if there were differences in the influence of indigestible compounds on their colon, because of the varieties of apples researched, Braeburn, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Granny Smith and Red Delicious (Any kind you can buy at your local supermarket all year long or if you are a hipster Whole Foods.)

It's all about the poop you take to know the differences between the apples, or your autoimmune disorders that you got the diagnosis through WebMd. As on the study it was address that if your fecal matter is balanced then you don't have to worry. If you you poop a lot that as indication you have a problem and you better consult your naturopath with a home sample of your poop so he or she can do a chi balance and now what is happening with your crap chakras and help your reduce the inflammation of your colon, because you all know all of your autoimmune issues are in your colon and not your nervous system or whatever.

No Matter What Apples, I Repeat They Have to Be Organic.!

Non-organic apples and organic apples are the same shit, but if you enjoy the trend go for organic apples and if you like to believe that organic has no use of pesticides, then stay in your own little world but if you want to create a statement that you are fancy and go for expensive things with the same nutritional value then go for organic because that feel good feeling that you are superior to everyone else then buy your organics.

You will have your doubts why organic.? Where is the "USDA Certified" sticker.? Don't panic, always support local farmers where they can sell you the same product you find in your convenience store a little bit more expensive because they will see you driving your SUV or Lexus, but either way you will feel good by buying them because they had worked so hard for their money and they probably even American; but then you realize do they will provide Granny Smith.? It doesn't matter, all fucking apples are the same and nice to enjoy,

So if you want to lose weight consult your dietitian and your regular doctor in order to know what regime you can take instead of wasting money on fads; fads, that will make your wallet go skinny and probably your ego bigger.