Sunday, April 5, 2015


I shouldn't be quoting John Lennon, because I have an image about him on his personal life being a terrible father and husband; but then there is the artiste, who in his later part of life he preached some form of non-violent manifestation.

But, - Imagine, there is no heaven, no religion thou.- sometimes I wonder, what would be the world without religion,? Probably a better place, because our ethos wouldn't be based on divine principles but rather on a human approach.

Every Lent and on occasions on Christmas I get the same thoughts, why religion keeps going.? Is not the work of God, Devas or any other deity; religion is just the mere tool of the past to explain reality and social interactions between people of the same social group. Every aspect of religion is a primal and primitivistic aspect to please a being or series of beings who live in heavens; but by now on the 21st Century, we now that heavens is the composition of the atmospheric layers and beyond is the vast and beautiful cosmos. 

It doesn't matter to be pious, if you do penance for 40 days but your are an asshole for 325, you are still a sinner and just a person in self denial of your own human nature. Do I am a really bad person, for thinking outside of the common majority,? just to say, I do not need religion in order to be a decent human, that the simple act of penance is just as strange in my perception because I do not see heavens as the ultimate reward, but just the legacy you can leave for future generations.

Who knows what is after the death.? We know that the ultimate truth is that we will die; but yet, the idea of the mythos that starts on Ash Wednesday it has different interpretations just for the 33.000 sects of Christianity as well the endurance of the savior as a personal example before he was sent to his Crucifixion, albeit the last temptation was before the ministries started.

As any holiday that has religious roots, for any LGBTQ whose family is away, apart, or half of the relationship is not out to his or her family  it means loneliness; but at the same time is not unidirectional, as the feelings of anxiety and separation can go in both ways. Religion itself, is the cause of separations between families; just because of the set of ideologies can be indoctrinated into someone's mind and they will be there unless the person decides to defy them.

So, if according to the gospels Jesus didn't rejected people,? Why a bunch of fanatics do.? Why families tear apart on the celebration of unity.? Why people have to die in God's name.? Because the concept of religion is outdated, and in the name of God a lot of barbaric events had happened.

As well, the acts of devotion such as flagellation, are worthless, if you want to show the kind of person you are, do something for the people who love you and your community, don't be selfish and don't do anything for personal gain, because if there is a God, he or she wouldn't be an asshole much as we as humans are.