Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chiptole Serving your Favorite Pseudoscience

(4/28/2015)Tampa, Fl -- Let's start analyzing one thing, genetic modified organism are around us since probably longer the Meso-American societies existed.

It has been called also Selective Manipulation and if it wasn't for that we wouldn't had bananas, carrots, corn, chocolate just to name a few daily items; even we can name cattle and poultry. It's ridicule to think that if the restaurant is serving GMO's is serving something evil as if the eatery place removes their "GMO's" they won't have anything to offer to the customers.

So, if the restaurants are free of any G.M.O's should they be a label their food in order that the customers know is G.M.O free and they are going to be charged more.? It's going to suck for my vegan and vegetarian friends who go to Chipotle, because just by the company focusing on this label their prices are going to be going up just for the trend.

As a foreigner this idea of protesting against food, is a precept that I never saw before until I move to the United States, yet the alarmism is always active as there invisible enemies where people are always fighting against or fads.

Thinking on how many people suffer with hunger makes see the idea of Chipotle or other places that share this kind of pseudo-scientific point of view such as Whole Foods quite elitist. At the end people who support the labeling of the concept that our food as a genetic modified experiment is just another way to put the idea on top on how some people are just better than others if they can pay for it.

After reading this entry of the New York Times and their use of the conspiracy adjectives such as "big" made me think that the body syntax of the article got a big miss towards on the explanation on why the company decided to took that radical hipster approach but yet the article diverge into the territory - on why Food is killing us and why all these crazy conspiracy theories are right about cancer and other diseases.-

We can say the article was most of a vanity post in the lieu of stupidity of the Food Babe in order to create fear about food instead of showing a neutral ground about the restaurant chain decision.