Friday, March 20, 2015

The Transcendental Aspect of Simoun

Simoun Logo Card
There are plenty of anime every year, and almost every single one of them tends to be crazy enough and soon forgotten. Some anime's deal with different emotional and social aspects through the use of allegories within science fiction.

What is interesting about Simoun are the LGBTQ themes that are presented in every episode, beyond the core of the Yuri thematic that is core to the series; but there are also present some steampunk and coming of age elements that can catch the attention of the people.

Simoun is settled in a planet similar as Earth named Daikuriku, where all individuals are born female within the three nations of Simulacran, Argentum and Plumbum. All of the nations have different set of cultures as well traditions, but on every single one of them all the citizens transition or have certain control on the gender they want to be after they reach certain age. In the nation of Simulacrum, all the girls when they turn 17 years can go to a fountain where their permanent gender will be assigned; but if they can't decide what person match their inner self, then they will assigned aleatory any gender that the priestess who control the fountain see as the best for the character.

There are no signs of hate towards gender or who you love in the imagery of Simoun; there is no trans-phobia whenever the character decide to transition into their true selves; which are aspects that in the real world aren't seen and people don't really try to understand that the world is far beyond their cul-de-sacs and the churches they go every Sunday or Saturday.

With the increase in rates of acceptance of the LGBTQ community, and predictions aiming that Marriage will be equal for all the people in the land around April; the right wing sector had found different ways to keep the stigma of continuing discrimination to different segments of the population.

One aspect has been different laws of "religious-freedom," which essentially anyone can discriminate to anyone based on the utopic premise if their so called religious beliefs are being attacked; which lead the Federal Constitution of the United State as a piece of paper that is as worthless as two dollar bill.

Why the reason to discriminate.? Because there are certain pre-conceived notions that dangled within the ignorance of how people see individuals that aren't related to their social groups. It's difficult to imagine but it can be a reality for trans individual who will be if this laws passed, scrutinized just for their appearances as if they were criminals, when they are just in the need of the use of the public restrooms, because we all have two necessities - to take a shit or to piss; and denying a safe environment, keeps showing that not all men and women, are equal; because, there will be always a bunch of self-righteous assholes who think are above anyone else.

I can't imagine the horror of not finding a place to pee, if my exterior didn't match the facility I am using; I wouldn't feel safe to leave the house and use any restrooms at all. If there are people just looking on the way I do my basic necessities, I would feel uncomfortable putting a foot out, but we need to face the world because otherwise the abuses will continue.

In the world of Simoun there are no traces of what we see of hate in our world; there are human emotions such as jealousy as well love, there are different wars but there aren't traces of homophobia, transphobia or gender discrimination because those notions doesn't exist.

Even on the religious aspect, the only part where discrimination follows are towards the idea of being a foreigner of the land but even so they present exception to the rules where inclusion are shown.

Albeit the question towards all the characters is about their personal identities, and the journey of self-discovery towards the cold war between the different countries, and the complex relations they have as sisters-in-arms. Who you can be, takes a lifetime journey for some people, but no one deserves to be shunned for trying to live in accordance to their identities and looks; as part of the transcendental aspect of Simoun is not matter the circumstances, you should be who you are.