Friday, March 27, 2015

How Liberalism Became a Dirty Word and Yes my Friend I have a Liberal Ideology

It's difficult to position on how Liberalism became an adjective to denote a link of a person that is more of a parasite; of course, the denotation of the word is wrong but yet I never expect too much understanding of semiotics of middle-class Americans, not as a whole but on a segmented population where some individuals have a lack of critical thinking and reasoning.

Yes; everyone is entitled to believe on what they want to believe; but at the end opinions are just opinions and unless you are a "leader of interest"then your opinions will have some weight value. Yes, I can be considered a liberal, I do not consider it a bad term, is a part of who I am; but yet the consideration we have to take on why the word is used as a dirty adjective could be with the division of the Democratic, Republican and third parties; where there is no a balance of power.

One early contemporary examples can be traced to the 2008 presidential race, where Hilary Clinton self description wasn't taken very fondly from the hands of the conservator and the emerging grass-rot movement know as the Tea Party; but yet the concept of shaming one or another tends to have more complex roots that can go between bashing the most vulnerable person in order to make them affiliated to one party or the other; or in another example, where religious interest collide and one party tries to shame the person they try to convert, by making them accepting "the one truth one" whenever there is no real truth beyond that all of us will die.

Then there is the point, due Fox News illustrated proselytism, and the lack of interest that a certain demographic gives to this channel , - in which the word became something dirty among conservatives;- but yet, as today with the issue of Marriage Equality, the Grand Old Party and their followers had forgotten and in almost a reverse play, that it was a majority of the GOP that were inclusive in the secession of segregation and it was the Democratic Party on the Southern States that started on the 1870's the infamous Jim Crow laws, in essence to control the free-blacks and the former slaves.

Which today much of those laws had found their way in order to attack immigration as well minorities, within the most conservative sectors. It is matter of perspective as on every political party there different spectrum's. Imagine how vast the human population is, is almost as vast as the visible starts in our side of universe. That is one reason to never classify ourselves within one current of thought as we need to form our own criteria far better than one line.

I found this image quite annoying, it's from the Comical Conservative, which I can't laugh at all due political humor can be subversive and not as bland as this one. - Much as my maternal grandmother used to say "Gringo's sense of humor." - 

The image itself present some stereotypes, but at the same time shows a classical confusion that middle class has towards the terms - Liberalism, Socialism, and Utopic Marxism. -

There is almost a juxtaposition or a link in between all three terms, and is just a rhetorical fallacy in which there is a confusion between Marxism and progressive liberalism, in which Marxism and not socialism, there is no free will on the proletariat but only for the dominant classes.

Yet, calling the first African President by any name and confusing universal healthcare which other countries such as Holland has it, or Marriage Equality which so far a 0.7% of the world has it and even our neighborhood Canada hasn't bring the apocalypse in almost a decade; it shows how much people will believe any cheap ideology that can be sold through Facebook without an sources, but overall it shows people still need to learn that the world is not as their churches or cul-de-sacs paint to be.

We still need a lot to learn about understanding how complex but yet simplistic humanity can be; we tend to point at each other mistakes without analyzing our owns.  Yes; I know the previous mistakes of the party, and we all should know that political opinions tend to be biased but at the same time it could be a door to debate.

We have people as the Comical Conservative, where he plays on the imagery that all liberals are scumbags who live on the government shadows and are part of the many problems that go around the United States, as well as it was said two paragraphs ago a confusion between different forms of philosophies but probably is good to say "that for the average American, the idea of a nationwide program that will allow healthcare to everyone, is just a form that disrupts their system and by default is socialism, without even thinking that their idea of socialism is just a form of Leninism and Marxism that can be associated with the iron curtain era."