Friday, February 20, 2015

The Right To Die with Dignity

It is such a sensitive topic, yet it shouldn't be difficult to realize, that everyone who is suffering a terminal disease or in a case of convalescence in the health, under the proper circumstance if they chose by themselves, or leave an order of will to whenever their lives should be terminated.

Some people said all life is sacred, but is also mundane, and the beliefs are way to linked into the Christian doctrine that only God can take lives but humans can't decide when to stop the suffering or they will go to hell.

We tend to be individualistic on certain extent of our persona's, we chose or follow a system of beliefs; could be theistic, atheistic or completely neutral. The debate goes on respecting God's gift or letting a person suffer and leave their last days in a complete miserable state. Why is perfectly fine to apply the euthanasia to pets, and not to humans on a national state level.? To give some dignity on the last days of the persons who have no choice and the pain is too much, why is so difficult to accept that reality.? Because we think, we will go to hell if we commit suicide, even if is assisted; and since much of the religious doctrines, argue that animals who aren't men have no soul won't go to hell is OK for them to die.

The religious imposition which turn into the words religious rights, try to be superimposed into the well being of a population that probably thinks different of the Christian right majority that have certain beliefs about life ad death but disrespect other peoples' decisions.

It should be a separation of church and State between the well being of the people, we don't need God on our schools or anywhere, the country is not facing the end of days if we take a more progressive approach on human rights. We need to think what we can do to improve our lives until the very end, and what we can learn from other countries in order to improve the index of living in the United States of America.

Give me Liberty, Give me Death; can say a lot within such simple words; imagine, you being completely independent and after a series of event you are just a shadow of your being.? Or if you are suffering and there only exit is death. If you have the chance to end it all under your own terms, it could be an alternative to keep the dignity until death.

Lets take an example of the Netherlands, where 1 in every 28 deaths and triple the number of people who died assisted by a doctor since 2002; where if the patient can convince two physicians that the pain is unbearable, they can chose to die. (Newsweek, February 20th - 2015 Edition); albeit it was illegal, but the government put their people first instead placing their own personal ideologies, by honoring the public views and on 2002 they decriminalized euthanasia, as long if certain condition were required and met.

Analyzing the case of Switzerland, that this situation had been legal since 1942 it had bring a tourism of death where individuals who aren't nationals can go and die there; it can bring an industry to the country that adopt this model into their health system; albeit in theory the repatriation of the body could be a problem, it shouldn't present any inconveniences as the expenses would go on the holder's insurance as well investment on the trip.

In the U.S. the taboo had been long enough, than much of the actual generations can remember. In certain way, we still influenced by some Puritan and Evangelical precepts on public policies, such as respect life because suicide is wrong but yet the country has a murder rate of 4.7, but yet a person ending their own life is just wrong.

Jack Kevorkian
In the U.S. the idea of an assisted suicide is probably embedded in the imagery of the people with the image of the late Jack Kevorkian who claimed on his lifetime that he assisted 130 patients to die; albeit today assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington and Vermont; and, in Montana and New Mexico, doctors are permitted to prescribe medicines that will end with the patients' lives.

Such as Brittany Maynard which she became the center of the controversy about a dead with dignity last year, before ending her life on November 1st due a terminal cancer, gathered enough controversy in which several people called an absurdity but her mother defended her daughter decision by saying nobody knew her daughter, and people a continent away shouldn't critique her decision without knowing the suffering.

Albeit for doctors around the world, the idea of assisted suicide can be scary, as is conterintuitive to the Hippocratic Oath as the results are irreversible; but what if part of the oath is to help people in that way too.? As dying peacefully and with dignity is not a crime.