Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Endless Stairs

The Endless Stairs
By: Gustavo Simmons
Vanessa was walking back and forth, as if someone was following her. She didn't remember how long she was going down, or at least up. Every single was the same. Two doors on the side, one elevator facing on the south wall and a set of circular stairs that connected to a seemingly opened door, that was interconnected to a trash chute that was stuck.
Every couple of floors Vanessa could heard a strange melody, it was in a child voice "tururu" all over and over until the tune faded. The elevator seemed to be functional but no matter how many times she called in, it never came. The doors seemed to switch on design every couple of floors and they reset.
The walls were perfectly white while every floor was with rubble. It was an exquisite design but yet futile. She was wondering, who she placed it inside the contraption.? It was an elaborate trap, and she was still wearing her regular clothes, albeit she was hesitant into throwing her stilettos away as they were killing her feet.
She screamed once, as many times. Nobody answered but she could heard the echo of her voice. She was alone in the labyrinth of stairs. She was repeating the same number again 701 as well 702. It was the seventh floor, but she lost track on how many times she walked through the same numbers, or how many hours had spent there.
For certain moments she found food that was thrown on the floor. She knew there should be people behind the doors, but she got tired of knocking and screaming at them.
A brief glimpse of her life came; she was a student, a high school student; but, she looked too old to be a high school student, at least she felt old. She saw her reflection on some of the doors and she felt she was old.
As she walked by, she reached the end of the stairs. After the eleventh floor, there was the twelfth. She reached a point where she saw the engine of the elevator and there was another door. The door was open, and she didn't hesitate to go by.
She realized the world she knew was in chaos; it was destroyed. How can she forgot.? A woman wearing a white hazmat suit appeared behind her. She looked at her as if she was a ghoul. The woman smiled at her, and she got close to her.
They didn't exchange words. The woman pulled out a small gun a shot on a blank point on Vanessa's head. She died instantly.

- Experiment 2-A101 has failed. Subject, escape was completely unnecessary, albeit I found out that the outside world no longer posses high levels of toxicity for humans to walk with the suits