Friday, December 5, 2014

Why the Fuck Pam Bondi Keeps Hating LGBTQ and Minorities.?

This is a matter of human dignity; there is nothing else. The damage that had been done by Pam Bondi, Rick Scott and their committee on the last five years. Immigration and equality, they need to be two important aspects in the grow of the regional and State economy, as we are on the most notorious trade ports and destinations in the United States.

I am a person, I am an immigrant who became a national around three years ago, I am LGBT and the actions of Pam Bondi are hurting not only me, but my fellow folks who are in the struggle to be in the Land of Thee Free are experiencing that we are not living in a post-segregationist society, there is no difference from what happened before the Civil Rights Movement and what is happening now on several States, on how minorities are treated.

I won't ever vote Republican, it will bring shame to my beliefs, and I won't sell myself as many had done around on the Latino's ghettos were vote for the people who discriminate against them, all in order with the premise of bring economical prosperity into the area.

I can't understand why Pam Bondi and Rick Scott, haven't received more hate than the one they deserve.? They even deserve a pie on their faces, much as what happened on the 70's with crazy lunatic Anita Bryant.

So Pam Bondi, became the 18th Republican State Attorney to sue President Obama for his immigration executive order, stating that it was Obama overstepping his boundaries. She is just stupid, because she is showing the kind of prejudice against people who are trying to get and fight for a better life, risked everything and moved to another country.

Whenever I see Pam Bondi, I see a racist who hides behind fancy suits; and is completely disconected by the international scenario; but she represents the majority who chose her, the people who had no idea what is happening around the world, and what is triggering the migrational patterns. We are being represented by the politicians who represent the vast majority of Americans, and is sad that a country with such an international image, the people are oblivious to what is happening outside, even with basic geography.

Florida as many other countries and States, in term of human rights, is trapped on the 1940's; why to hold more.? There is nothing else to wait, and it could bring a fresh start for so many families around the State, Yet; there is no equality for her or Rick Scott unless you are white and have the money and the power.

For the LGBTQ community in the Sunshine, there could be a rainbow after January the 5th, if the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals won't overturn the ban by Bondi's appeal, but so far, the court didn't granted any extension to Bondi, who is wasting tax payers money.

Who is Bondi to keep fighting against equality,? and making the constitution look like a piece of shit. Someone who is miserable, because she has two divorce and a strange relationship with someone who could be her grandpa or she is a closeted lesbian who engaged in a relationship with the third man that pass near hear in order to keep shutting the rumors around the most conservative side of the Republicans, because at the end is all for the money.

There is no legal reason for Bondi or Scott to put the marriage of thousands of couples on hold, because 2015 should bring new opportunities to all the people who equality and freedom were denied for decades; and hey, whenever we go can make everything looks nicer, and international, LGBTQ, all the families could have some peace of mind in the land of the free; and maybe Attorney General Bondi could redeem herself as the bitch she has shown to be.